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Comment Nobody to blame but themselves... (Score 1) 392

As I've said before, the government/law enforcement has nobody to blame but themselves for this. We tried to trust you to only look at private information that was vital to an investigation, AND with a warrant. But now that we know that you scoop up everything you can at look at whatever the hell you feel like at any time, warrants be damned, we can't trust our data to be un-encrypted around you people. Deal with it.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

Soft drinks are carefully formulated to be addictive and not quench thirst.

I can believe the first, but what would be the point of the second? If I drink something, and it doesn't quench my thirst, I'm not very likely going to be drinking that next time I'm thirsty. That would be like selling marijuana that don't really deliver a very good high. Besides, I seldom drink soda to 'quench my thirst'. I drink it because it is so damn tasty!

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

I noticed the same thing when buying a new car recently. Back in 2003 we purchased a new Nissan Murano w/ AWD. Out the door price was about $35k. After 12 years we replaced it with a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe. The Santa Fe was superior in every way. Seated seated seven vs. five in the Murano, gets slightly better gas mileage, more cargo room, navigation, etc. Price? $40k. So, in 12 years, the average inflation rate was about 1%. And the car is BETTER than the old car.

Comment Delusional (Score 1) 904

Are We Reaching the Electric Car Tipping Point?

Nope. Next obvious 'no' question, please.

"Electric cars will be better than any alternative, including the loud, inconvenient, gas-powered jalopy,

Loud? Inconvenient? This guy seems to have no clue how a modern gas-powered car works (I have no idea what a jalopy is. Maybe a French word for 'car'?) Another person who thinks people don't like their gas-powered car, even though we gladly buy them by the millions.

The Tesla Model S has demonstrated that a well made, well designed electric car is far superior to anything else on the road. This has changed everything."

I can buy a pretty awesome gas-powered car for $100k. Tesla keeps promising something under $50k, but until I see them out on the road, it is just vaporware. The next person who brings up the Tesla as some type of viable alternative to a $20k gas-powered car gets a timeout in the corner.

Comment Unintended consequences... (Score 1) 330

So, France wants their dumb "Right to be forgotten" rule to be applied world-wide. OK, but what happens when Iran wants any references to the Holocaust to be deleted from search results because some Iranian court rules that the Holocaust never happened and is all just a Zionist hoax? Now French citizens can't lookup information about the Holocaust. And China wants all search results about Tienanmen Square removed? The French need to learn that the internet is about open access and information. Try to restrict perfectly legal information, and you might as well shut down the internet.

Comment Re:Good point, but Uber is a bad example (Score 1) 432

So, gay marriage was ALWAYS legal (constitutionally) and just now found out?

No. There was no constitutional protection of gay marriage until the SCOTUS ruled on it. It WAS illegal (in states banning) but now it is not. Slavery was legal at one point to. Lots of things that we consider bad now were perfectly legal. Times and minds change.

Interesting viewpoint.

Your viewpoint, not mine.

So, believe everything said by 9 people in black robes about law is correct? Even when the overturn previous rulings made by the same court?

Belief in a ruling isn't required for it to be in force. I disagree with lots of legal rulings, but I still must abide by them. And courts overturn rulings as arguments, times, and minds of the general population change over time.

I am quite clear that not all things that are "illegal" are "wrong". I'm wondering why that is so hard for people to grasp.

Where did 'wrong' come up in this thread? The OP only mentioned Uber being illegal (in his opinion). I feel that you are trying to make arguments that no one else is making.

Comment Re:Good point, but Uber is a bad example (Score 2) 432

What makes it intrinsically illegal? Just because there is a law?

Uh, yeah. That's kind of how that works.

I wonder how you feel about Illegal Aliens (er Undocumented residents).

I feel that they are here... illegally?

Gay Marriage was illegal just a few months ago in a wide number of places in the US.

Yeah, there were laws against it, so it was illegal. Those laws were ruled unconstitutional, so those laws are void. Now gay marriage is legal.

So you believe that business models deserve protection from competition by creating legal loops that do not do anything except protect economic interests?

No, just that all businesses operate under the same set of rules and laws.

Is there some part of this that is confusing to you?

Comment It's all about convinience. (Score 1) 654

If it takes too much time, people won't bother. My wife and I actually looked up how long the bus would take us to get to work. We live in a moderately populated area. Our commutes are about 20 and 35 minutes. The 20 minute drive would take her an hour, and my 35 minute drive would stretch to nearly 1-1/2 hours. There is no practical way (especially now that we have kids) to give up 1-2 hours of our day sitting on or waiting for a bus. I'm sure each situation is different, but cost is not always the driving factor for transportation. I'm not willing to save the 10-20 bucks a day my gas and car upkeep cost to waste that much time.

Comment Abrams and diversity in Star Trek??? (Score 3, Insightful) 504

...given his track record of helping build a diverse cast as director of the "Star Trek" reboot films

Uh, was Abrams really going to have white people play Sulu and Uhura? And the only other major female character I remember were the green chick in her underwear and the blond chick in her underwear, so Abrams didn't exactly help along the fairer sex in his films. I think the writer had no clue about the history of Star Trek.

Comment Re:With the best will in the world... (Score 1) 486

The one advantage with using renewable energy for this is that since you are making a fuel that can be stored, the intermittent nature of certain sources (solar, wind) won't matter. Bright sunny day? Make fuel. Cloudy night? Just wait for the next sunny day to make fuel. No big deal.

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