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Comment Re:I was raped... or maybe had my ass grabbed (Score 1) 399

They lumped in ass-grabbing while being restrained.

Where was the 'restrained' part mentioned? The summary only says 'touching'.

Note that a report on violent crime in general lumps in armed robbery victims and maybe people forced into a fist fight with rapes and murders, and I haven't heard anyone complain about that.

Probably nobody has complained because all of those crimes are... wait for it... violent!

Comment Re:If you don't like the job... (Score 5, Insightful) 165

No. There are set laws that companies are required to follow. You telling them to not take the job would be the equivalent of some guy driving his car on the sidewalk, and you advising somebody wanting to walk on that sidewalk that they should just use another sidewalk that the car isn't driving on.

Comment Shouldn't have mixed prime parking with charging (Score 1) 554

By many accounts, owners of gas-powered cars often take up desirable parking and charging spots that companies and cities reserve for electric cars.

The biggest mistake was to put the chargers at the closest parking spaces. Why are we treating electric car owners like the handicapped? They should have put the chargers out at the farthest parking spots to limit the chances of ICE cars parking in the prime spots. And before you complain about making them walk farther, consider this obvious fact: They are using those spots to charge their car, which takes a lot of time. The time spent walking to and from the car is insignificant compare to the charging time.

A Google computer manager said he had sold 9,000 of the EV Etiquette Survival Packs that he created. For $15.99, a pack includes hang tags for vehicles that urge fellow drivers not to unplug others’ cars while charging.

BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Seriously? People paid $15.99 for a sign?

More public chargers are the obvious long-term solution.

Is it? Where are you going to put these chargers? In existing parking spots? The more regular parking spots you convert to EV, the more likely it is that regular parking spots will not be available for non-EV people. This increases the chances of non-EV people parking in EV spots.

Comment Apples to oranges... (Score 0) 143

show that thyroid cancer is suspected or confirmed in 137 of those children

Elsewhere, the disease occurs in only about one or two of every million children per year by some estimates."

Why do you include 'suspected' cases? How about splitting up those two completely different diagnoses? If it is 1 confirmed and 136 suspected, that would change the conclusion of this study, since it could potentially put it more in line with the estimates. Also, you would need the results of the same ultrasound checkups on a few hundred thousand kids living outside Fukushima to really determine if there is an increased risk of cancer or not. Going by some vague estimates isn't as accurate.

Comment Alternative is just as bad... (Score 2) 570

Now kids are drinking 'energy drinks'. Not sure if this is an improvement or not. On a side note, soda isn't really that bad, it's just that they give such gigantic amounts of it to you now. I wish my company vending machine would just vend a can of coke, rather than the giant 1/2 liter bottles. And god help you if you order a 'large' soda at any place now days...

Comment 64%? (Score 1) 278


And of collisions between drivers and pedestrians, 64 percent were the driver’s fault.

Given what I've seen of how pedestrians acted when I worked in SF years ago, I'm shocked that that number isn't reversed towards pedestrians being more at fault. They routinely waited OUT IN THE STREET for the light to change, rather than stay two steps back on the nice, safe sidewalk. It was truly the most bizarre pedestrian behavior I have seen in a city. They also would start crossing a busy six lane main road when there was no chance for them to make it across before the light changed. Many times I would be in the far right lane, and couldn't see pedestrians meandering across because of large trucks to my left. Light turns green, I start to go, and... whoops! Almost hit a clueless pedestrian.

Comment Re:Not scientifically nitpicking (Score 2) 163

But driving 3000 miles on a martian landscape with a rover-like vehicle while pulling another vehicle is quite a far stretch.

If I remember the book correctly, the rovers were designed to be towed. And he carried the solar cells to recharge the batteries each day. And electric motors have incredible torque (perfect for towing at slow speeds). What is it that makes that scenario a stretch?

Comment Nothing explainded at all... (Score 1) 618

This was a complete waste of time. The only statement that sort of tried to explain anything was:

"With one line of code you can break down how it happened," Kaul said. He described an "'if' statement with two clauses: If you do this, then do that. If something doesn't happen, do this."

Shit, I already knew that, and I only know some basic programming. Wake me when someone explains some technical details of how the engine ran in test mode and in real world driving.

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