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Comment Re: Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

Re-invest profit into the company by any means

Spending $100k on something you don't need to save $20k in taxes is not a very wise business plan.

pay it out as bonuses to top execs

Again, paying a $100k bonus to save $20k in taxes will get the shareholders to throw you out on your ass. Besides, the $100k will be taxed as income for the individual anyways, so it isn't as if the government will lose out on any revenue.

Comment Re:Humble obervation from an external viewer.. (Score 1) 555

We can barely get annual spending budgets passed every year, because the Dems and Repubs have to appear to be at each others throats so that they can keep getting re-elected. Passing a constitutional amendment is far harder to do. I put the odds of them coming together to pass a constitutional amendment on one of the most divisive political issues at .0000000001%.

Comment Sieze property? (Score 1) 48 seize a suspected thief's property without notice, to prevent misuse of that secret.

Um, if it is a secret idea/algorithm/recipe/etc.... what good would it do to seize physical property? Are they going to grab every computer/laptop/thumbdrive/DVD/Backup drive/smartphone that belongs to a company in the hopes that they will get all copies of the stolen secret? Am I missing something here?

Comment Should I bid? (Score 1) 63

One auction includes a wine collection of approximately 2,800 bottles seized from once prominent wine dealer Rudy Kurniawan, who is serving a 10-year federal prison sentence following his conviction of selling millions of dollars of counterfeit wine.

Man, they must think I'm stupid or something...

Comment Re:I was raped... or maybe had my ass grabbed (Score 1) 399

They lumped in ass-grabbing while being restrained.

Where was the 'restrained' part mentioned? The summary only says 'touching'.

Note that a report on violent crime in general lumps in armed robbery victims and maybe people forced into a fist fight with rapes and murders, and I haven't heard anyone complain about that.

Probably nobody has complained because all of those crimes are... wait for it... violent!

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