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Comment: Another asshole in Washington... (Score 1) 550

by superdave80 (#47769603) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

And police officers are now at a disadvantage, because someone can tape the last part of an encounter and not tape the first part of the encounter.

Then how about you pass some federal legislation to make it fully legal to record police in public? You know how many people are told to stop recording and arrested for refusing to do so? Cops aren't at a 'disadvantage'. They don't want cameras, because they know right now it is their word over the word of criminals, suspected criminals, random people on the street, or dead guys. Guess who they think are going to be believed. They are just happy to have no recordings in case they screw up.

"I would like to see us say, 'If you want federal funding in your community, you've got to have body cams on your officers. And I think that would go a long way towards solving some of these problems, and it would be a great legacy over this tragedy that's occurred in Ferguson, regardless of what the facts say at the end as to whether or not anyone is criminally culpable."

First, this is just another example of how the federal government takes our tax money, and then 'requires' things that are completely outside the scope of their constitutional authority to get said money back (in some form). The federal government has absolutely no power to require a local municipality to buy a camera and require their cops to wear them. Stick to your constitutional duties, because you guys are simply spreading out into areas you have no business being in.

Second, he is another jerk that believes in the old saying, "Never let a good crisis go to waste". Are you for gun control? Just have your legislation tucked away ready to go after the next school shooting, regardless of weather or not your pre-written legislation would have done any good in the latest crisis. Would a camera have done anything to prevent this shooting? Or determine who was at fault? Who knows, pass the legislation while the people are pissed!

Third, I actually think cameras are a good idea, but let states and municipalities determine if they are necessary. There are plenty of towns in this country that simply have no need for cameras because the odds of them really being needed are so small that it would be a poor use of resources. There are something like half a million cops in this country, and even at $1,000 apiece (camera, storage, support, etc.), you are looking at a price tag of half a billion dollars, from a federal budget that already bleeds red like crazy.

Comment: Let me translate: (Score 1) 441


"The difference between someone who's truly great and just sort of okay is really huge,"

Now, I will run it through my bullshit translator, aaaaand...

"The difference between someone who's willing to work for less money because they live in a poor country and someone who wants a competitive wage is really huge,"

Comment: The solution is easy! (Score 1) 327

I'll bet more taxes to pay for more workers, higher salaries and benefits would fix this problem in a jiffy! Every time I see anybody talk about needing higher taxes to run government properly, I just think about the ten thousand examples just like this, and I just laugh to myself.

Comment: San Francisco mentality... (Score 5, Insightful) 262

by superdave80 (#47650649) Attached to: Silicon Valley Doesn't Have an Attitude Problem, OK?
They are all about 'diversity', 'inclusiveness', and 'peace'... until you try to move into their area and don't think, talk, and act just like them. Then they start slashing your tires and blocking your buses. Say, didn't school segregationist use the same bus-blocking techniques to try and keep those 'others' out of their wholesome little schools? Oh, the irony...

Comment: Re:I don't understand how this is a "record" (Score 1) 84

"Mark McGwire Takes Swing to Beat Roger Maris' Home-run Record."

So, naturally people would assume that McGwire was only trying to break Maris' personal best, and not the all-time single season record?

Christ, the stuff that gets modded 'insightful' on this site...

Comment: Just like most advertising. (Score 2) 254

by superdave80 (#47300425) Attached to: The Bursting Social Media Advertising Bubble

Most advertising doesn't really affect buying decisions. Sometimes you might see something new, but mostly it's Coke, Budwiser, etc., things that everyone has known about for decades.

The funniest online ads I see are when I search for or buy something... and then see an ad for that exact thing a few minutes later on some sidebar ad. Hey, dipshits, I already know about that thing you just advertised BECAUSE I JUST WENT ONLINE TO LOOK FOR IT AND BUY IT!

This is a little bit like paying someone to hold up a sign for Ford cars to show to people that have just left a Ford car lot.

Comment: What is your job again? (Score 1) 875

by superdave80 (#47205147) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

Sheriff Doug Cox:. "My job is to make sure my employees go home safe."

Funny, I could have sworn your job was to protect the public. Or is that whole "To Protect and Serve" printed on the side of your cars a bunch of bullshit? Running over citizens with a bazillion ton military vehicle probably won't make them particularly safe.

Comment: Not sure on some of these assumptions... (Score 3, Insightful) 339

by superdave80 (#47124343) Attached to: The Energy Saved By Ditching DVDs Could Power 200,000 Homes

1. 17 km to drive and purchase DVD? 50% of the trip is apportioned to the DVD transport to account for multiple purchases and errands per trip in the base-case? I doubt people are driving 10 miles just to purchase a DVD, or as only 50% of the reason to take the trip in the first place.

2. Average disc lifetime 5 years? I still have 'The Matrix' that I got for free with my first DVD player back in 1999. None of my DVDs seem to really have a 'lifetime' that I can tell.

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