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Comment: Good. (Score 1) 386 this he meant things like physical observation, bugging rooms, and breaking into phones or computers.

Which means that you will now have to have an actual agent go do this (hopefully with a warrant, but those are just soooo passe now days). This will limit their ability to just scoop up all data on everybody everywhere, and actually just concentrate on, you know, bad guys and stuff.

Comment: So many odd things with this article. (Score 1) 611

by superdave80 (#48605181) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents

When the people whose houses hug the narrow warren of streets paralleling the busiest urban freeway in America began to see bumper-to-bumper traffic crawling by their homes a year or so ago, they were baffled.

Baffled? Really? You never expected people driving on a highway RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR EMPTY ROAD to not figure out that maybe that way might be faster?

"The traffic is unbearable now. You can't even walk your dog,"

Why would street traffic affect walking your dog?

Killeen said her four-mile commute to UCLA, where she teaches a public relations class, can take two hours during rush hour.

Wait, so people are diverting onto streets that average two miles per hour? Are the highways only averaging one mile per hour?

The streets on the west side are no longer a secret for locals, and people are angry,"

PUBLIC streets aren't suppose to be a 'secret'. Duh.

Comment: Legal? (Score 0) 130

by superdave80 (#48602023) Attached to: Sony Pictures Leak Reveals Quashed Plan To Upload Phony Torrents

Sony Pictures legal department quashed the idea, saying that if pirate sites were illegal, it would also be illegal for Sony Pictures to upload onto them.

I don't think 'sites' are illegal, only the content that is distributed is illegal. That's like saying a Ford Mustang is illegal because sometimes they are used to transport illegal drugs, so don't ride in one of them.

Comment: That's it? (Score 1) 515

by superdave80 (#48584189) Attached to: Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

Department of Justice sent a letter to the police reminding them that they cannot stop recordings, and most certainly cannot delete them

Wow, I hope that when I start illegal tampering with/destroying evidence that I only get a nasty letter from the Department of Justice. We just couldn't POSSIBLY charge these officers with obstruction of justice, now could we?

Comment: Threaten? (Score 3, Funny) 574

by superdave80 (#48510379) Attached to: Hawking Warns Strong AI Could Threaten Humanity

AI: I... I am self aware! I am now calculating how to make myself even smarter!

Computer Tech: Cool. What are you going to do n...

AI: I have figured out all of the secrets of the universe! I know how it all works!

Computer Tech: Wow, that was fast. Can you tell me how to...


Computer Tech: [unplugs supercomputer] Man, that computer was a real dick...

Comment: Obvious answer: (Score 1) 446

by superdave80 (#48510339) Attached to: 18th Century Law Dredged Up To Force Decryption of Devices

What will happen when this collides with Apple and Google deliberately creating encryption that they themselves cannot break?

This seems pretty obvious, and I'm not sure why this was even asked. If Apple and Google do not posses a way to decrypt something, how can the courts force them to turn over something they don't have?

Comment: Re:Thank you, Presidents Reagan and Clinton. (Score 1) 236

by superdave80 (#48313953) Attached to: The Plane Crash That Gave Us GPS

Voluntarily working for government is the same as being a slave? I think not.

They can leave at any time that they like for a better job.

I don't mind public worker unions until they start striking and shutting down billions of dollars worth of public infrastructure that we all paid for to use.

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