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Comment Re:What it has to do with privacy? (Score 2) 150

one of Facebook's motive is to confuse users as much it can with respect to privacy. Timeline is doing that. for e.g., if u enable timeline any person on FB can see where u are born , what u did in which year n all type of activities. It helps advertisers whom FB is selling your information.

Comment Dont fix something until its broken. (Score 1) 839

When i was learning kernel programming , one of things they often told is that dont fix something until its broken. Never. If they are going to do with TV it will be a disaster. Last they did something like this was for Google Reader. Now almost nobody uses it . it has just become a pet peeve for google+. sorry google fuck you for this.

Comment security circus (Score 1) 47

The round 1 of security circus has begun. how many times we av been told that a single tool will detect the vulnerabilities and hidden bugs? and then some one exposes the tool or a vulnerability which is not discovered by the tool.then a new tool will emerge and the cycle repeats. "Given enough eyes all bugs are shallow "

Comment Is this the same source code? (Score 1) 203

I want to know whether this is same source code which was used by samsung+google to built galaxy nexus? or there is difference in the builds? . If its the same source code , then can i recomplile and flash to my phone? If i cannot then how its open source. see, for e.g., Linux kernel is open source .i can always over write my kernel from the distro by downloading the source from can i do the same with android?

Submission Linux Mint Will Adopt Gnome 3-> 1

sfcrazy writes: Linux Mint uses the older Gnome 2x branch and thus is free from such problems. But, it creates a bigger problem as well. Since The Gnome team is abandoning Gnome 2 branch it will be harder for the Linux Mint team to maintain support for it. The team has thus decided that in the next version of Linux Mint 12, they will continue to support Gnome 2, but will also introduce Gnome 3.
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Submission Enterprise IT Spend to Reach $2.7 Trillion in '12->

wiredmikey writes: According to recent information coming from Gartner, global enterprise IT spending is projected to total $2.7 trillion in 2012. That figure represents a 3.9 percent increase from 2011 spending of $2.6 trillion. Despite increased IT spending during in a tough economic climate, growth is slowing from the expected 5.9 percent increase in 2011.

Also, according to Gartner, this year 350 companies will each invest more than $1 billion in IT.

Gartner believes that this new era brings with it urgent and compelling forces, including: the cloud, social, mobility, and an explosion in information.

“The impact of these forces will make architectures of the last 20 years obsolete,” said Analyst Peter Sondergaard. “Together, they force the issue – they drive us to create the post-modern business, drive simplicity and force creative destruction.”

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