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Comment: Re:Interesting they keep doing lengthly reviews... (Score 1) 303

by suman28 (#48171289) Attached to: OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review
I should also add that I will not be purchasing another Mac after my current 2011 17 inch dies. I like the fact that I upgraded my Mac to the fullest extent possible. Just something I cannot do anymore with the newer models, and the fact that there are no more 17 inch models, makes me a little bit angry that folks like me are completely being ignored. I am also the one voice in the thousands saying that I hate the "flat" look and the god awful colors of Yosemite, and will NOT be upgrading. I will stay with Mavericks on the 17 inch model as long as possible, and move on to who knows what next. :(

Comment: Re:Interesting they keep doing lengthly reviews... (Score 1) 303

by suman28 (#48171247) Attached to: OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review
This is simply not true. I have downgraded several times. I unfortunately did NOT backup my system before performing an upgrade to the first Beta of Yosemite. It worked fine for a days, but I noticed some oddities, and then I saw that my system started to crash more often. Since I didn't have a backup, I put in the for Snow Leopard, and away it went. It installed fine (though it took a couple of extra steps, since the Recovery partition Yosemite creates is not compatible and had to wipe that first). I then had to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mavericks from the Apple Store. I had a similar problem on the version before Lion (had a backup that time), and was able to simply restore the backup and was up and running in very short order (two hours tops). I was a very heavy Windows user for more than 10 years, but now that I have switched to OS X, I will never go back. I will admit that the Hidden Files thing and the Home / End / Page Up / Page Down still drives me nuts, 4 years after I started using it. I understand that you can press Cmd + Whatever, but I would rather it had been a single key. The rest of the OS is great. I have two UI developers sitting across from me at work, and they use their Macs to the fullest extent possible and Retina display with the trillions of colors and subtlety makes all the difference, but to me it has been a great experience.

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by suman28 (#48148867) Attached to: "Double Irish" Tax Loophole Used By US Companies To Be Closed
What this actually means is that, the companies have already worked out some kind of scheme to funnel money out of Ireland, and there are very few reasons Ireland needs to be keep this around, since it is causing so many ordinary people a lot of indigestion. Who wants to bet that Google, Apple, etc don't even use Ireland to funnel money and avoid taxes?

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I would have to disagree. It is great that there is a chance to vote the candidate out, BUT it is in the next election cycle. The damage is already done by that time. Any candidate that promises to repeal those laws will come in and get comfy till the next election cycle. There is no need to take any bribes, because adding to this problem are the mindless voters who can't vote out the rubber stamp candidates and you got the policy mess we are in now.

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by suman28 (#46397023) Attached to: Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft
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by suman28 (#45932851) Attached to: Demonoid BitTorrent Tracker Apparently Back Online
This is great news because for the last few years the media has done their best to demonize torrents and related activity as nothing more than a pirates' leisure time activity. There are truly legitimate uses for torrents and it is great to see that there are good folks working to keep such sites active.

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by suman28 (#38864649) Attached to: Don't Worry About Global Warming, Say 16 Scientists in the WSJ
I couldn't agree with you more. While we are at it, I want a personalized climate engineering. I am always +/- 1.23 degrees F colder / warmer than the guy sitting next to me. I used beans as a substitute on the days when it was cold, but *ass power is not what it used it be. My *ass may be used to colder weather and is not able to adjust to these freakish conditions anymore

My idea of roughing it turning the air conditioner too low.