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Comment: Re:It's crap (Score 1) 1633

by sudnshok (#46771451) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

First, I agree with the other people who replied to your post that small arms can defeat more equipped military forces and that has been shown time and time again.

Second, armed civilians act as a deterrent to tyrannical gov't. Even if the gov't could win that war, the cost would be astronomical in terms of casualties and public perception for the people serving for the gov't side. They are not going to fire missles at their own neighbors. With a disarmed "people", gov't can simply take what they want with limited to no force. Those same forces who wouldn't fire on their own neighbors may be willing to lock them up.

Comment: Dumb tool? (Score 1) 282

Kind of ironic that you would label me as "dumb" when you can't seem to comprehend my simple response to the parent. I merely corrected what was stated as an incorrect fact. Nowhere did I express my opinion nor state this incident was acceptable. You go on to say "Christie's actions", which at this point is libelous and ignorant. Despite 3 investigations, testimony, thousands of documents and months of time, not a single piece of evidence has shown that he knew or had anything to do with this. There is evidence of 3 people involved, 2 of which worked for Christie and do not anymore (one resigned and one was fired). As for my opinion... I do not find this incident acceptable and if crimes were proven to be committed, the people who committed them should be punished. So far Christie is not one of those people.

Comment: Re:Christie has no chance to win anyway (Score 1) 282

Care to quote your source? Despite months of testimony, 3 separate investigations and thousands of documents being released, there has yet to be a single shred of evidence that Christie had anything to do with these lanes being closed. There has been evidence of 3 people being involved with this, 2 of which worked for Christie and no longer do (one resigned and one was fired). Please stop spreading allegations as fact.

Comment: Re:Rather early to call the site a failure, isn't (Score 2) 497

by sudnshok (#45090769) Attached to: Cost of $634 Million — So Far

Except that there are services nowadays SPECIFICALLY built for this type of scaling, like AWS. You can spin up extra servers for temporary high traffic - especially high traffic that was absolutely foreseen. Funny how Amazon's website can handle the traffic on black Friday just fine.

Sorry, but I've been doing web development for 15 years and have worked on large projects. I can't see the cost for this project being more than $20-30M for up-front development (that includes planning, documentation, meetings, coding and testing - all without outsourcing) and at most $20-30M per year for software licensing, hosting, bandwidth and maintenance. And I'm talking top-dollar.

For $634M, they could have gone down the wrong path (the one you mention) and committed to long term-contracts for those unnecessary idle servers and still have $300M leftover.

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by sudnshok (#42320157) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

Firearms account for approximately 18,000 suicides annually in the US and approximately 10,000 homicides.

So, even if we lump in homicides with your suicides AND assume homicides are committed by legal gun owners (which most times they are not): 28,000 is 0.035% of 80 million gun owners in the US, which means it is NOT the "primary purpose of owning a gun". It in fact accounts for a MINISCULE use of firearms.

The primary purposes for owning a gun - BY FAR - NOT EVEN CLOSE - are self defense and sport (including competitive shooting, recreational shooting and hunting).

Also, I suspect that you are misinformed on what an "assault rifle" is which is not your fault since the media spreads so much hysteria and disinformation...

An assault rifle is a marketing term. These rifles function EXACTLY THE SAME as semiautomatic hunting rifles. The only differences are: they look more menacing, have accessory rails and a different grip. You can buy a wooden rifle - not considered an "assault rifle" - which fires the EXACT same caliber bullets, at EXACTLY the same rate with EXACTLY the same capacity.

Also, while you did not mention it here, let me also bring up "high capacity magazines" since a lot of "anti-gun wackos" (as I'll call them) bring these up for argument. The difference between shooting a 30 round magazine and three 10 round magazines is about 4 seconds. With just a small amount of practice, anyone can reload in under 2 seconds.

Comment: Sweet 16 vs MMSE (Score 4, Interesting) 116

by sudnshok (#38538304) Attached to: Copyright Claim Sets Back Cognitive Impairment Testing

According to the article, an alternative test called Sweet 16 was produced and was subsequently killed by the MMSE copyright owners' legal action. It sounded like the Sweet 16 used completely new copy but similar logic. Can you copyright logic if all the words are completely different? I'd love to see a comparison of those two tests.

On a side note, I hope no one owns the copyright on the eye chart. I like getting my eyes checked every year or two.

Comment: Netflix won't be killing discs anytime soon. (Score 1) 345

by sudnshok (#36852652) Attached to: Netflix Killing DVDs Like Apple Killed Floppies?
  • First, their streaming selection is pitiful at best
  • Second, ISP bandwidth caps
  • Third, bandwidth is still not even close to transmitting DTS-HD audio with high quality HD video at 40Mbps like some Blu-rays. There will always be people, such as myself, who want high quality and can tell the difference,

I'm actually dropping the streaming portion of my subscription and keeping the discs.


+ - Keys Can Be Copied From Pictures Taken 200ft Away-> 1

Submitted by
kkleiner writes "A group of computer scientists at UC San Diego have developed software, called Sneakey, that can copy keys using digital images taken from large distances, and from almost any angle. In one demonstration they duplicated a key using an image captured on a cell phone camera. In another demonstration, with the help of a telephoto lens they were able to duplicate keys sitting on a café table almost 200 feet away. Incredibly, all of the copies worked when tested out on the relevant locks."
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by sudnshok (#36004126) Attached to: Tom Tom Sells GPS Info To Dutch Cops

There have been many unbiased studies done which have concluded that having a large differential in speeds between vehicles is far more dangerous and responsible for far more accidents than the actual speed itself. Also, studies have found that increasing the speed limit does not cause drivers to exceed the new limit and in fact sometimes actually reduced the average speed of drivers.

Unfortunately, legislators set rules and regulation based upon unfounded hysteria, gut feelings and revenue purposes instead of facts and figures.

If you are interested, there are many resources at


+ - Android Spanks Iphone 4 in web browsing->

Submitted by bongey
bongey (974911) writes "In a series of measuring real world web load speeds on the Android base Nexus S phone spanked the iPhone 4. The android phone and Iphone 4 median load times were 2.144s and 3.254s respectively. The sample size was 45,000 page loads, across 1000 web sites. It also follows rumors that Apple is intentionally slowing down web apps to make there native apps more favorable."
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