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Comment Re: For the love of... (Score 1) 98

These are great for ISPs, Google, and Amazon where power saving is important. Think nodes in clusters. Server 2012R2 has an arm port and has hyper-v too.

Power costs are astronomical in these environment's

It will also be great for more-or-less embedded applications like firewalls, storage arrays, de-duplicators, media server/transcoders, etc where you need a healthy CPU and great ethernet bandwidth. I think they on the right path here in terms of an efficient platform for SoC-based appliance manufacturers, where watt-hungry dual and quad-core Intel chips have been the de facto choice. Atom provided an option for those craving a more efficient chip, but IMHO, while it works in clusters, it never performed well enough to stand alone. It may seem like a bold maneuver to some, it is not like they are proposing a new (or even "dead") architecture--ARM is well established and it should be little sweat for developers to adopt. I would love to see this work out for AMD, it is a decent strategy seeing as how they haven't been able to catch up to Intel in the desktop market for quite some time.

Comment Re:Article is kinda pie-in-the-sky wrong (Score 1) 100

A DRAM cell goes through trillions of cycles in its live time.

Typical DDR4 (2133) runs at a little over 1 GHz, or a billion cycles per second of operation.

We're in the quadrillions scale, not trillions.

Maybe he meant "cycles during which its own state is changed". They get less wear coasting for a few quadrillion laps than they do altering the value a few trillion times.

Comment Re:Please let me informate you (Score 1) 108

""is based on a Unix-like software called FreeBSD"....HA!."

One software, two softwares, right? One hardware, two hardwares. One information, two informations. One firmware, two firmwares. Right? And when you correct someone ("it is one PIECE of software, or one PIECE of firmware"), the response is "English is a changing language" NO. Pardon me whilst I go eat some toasts.

The OP was not making a grammatical objection.. He was clearly objecting to the fact that they called FreeBSD "Unix-like" when it *IS* Unix.

Comment Re:My little pony (Score 2) 285

animated content is much harder for the 8-bit encoding. It's the hard edges with high contrast cell shading.

Nonsense. Animation is optimized for compression.. It's already dithered to a limited color set! Whole swathes of pixels get the same value. Sure, you might be able to SEE the compression.. But it is a breeze for the hardware, and bitrates can be dramatically reduced compared to the baseband 4-2-2 video.

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