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Comment Re:Am I the only one who noticed? (Score 1) 85

What would be wrong with just a straight clock rate to clock rate comparison between the two?

I see you're suffering from the same delusion as the author. The answer is clock rate is not a measure of bit rate.. Clock rate is just the length of cycle, it does not dictate how many bits move during that cycle. This can be demonstrated by example.. A 1.5ghz XEON handles many more bits than a 1.5ghz ARM during one clock cycle, even though the clock rate is the same.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 85

How do you address billion+ addresses optically?

Could this not be done the same way CRTs scan a grid of pixels, just on a micro scale with higher resolution? I am not a particle physicist, but I imagine the carrier beam could be steered with some sort of electromagnetic choke (again, think CRT) to form either a repeating-Z or spiral scan mode. From there, it's just straight forward time-domain correlation of the output signal, assuming this matrix of GST laced waveguides would pass their darkened or non-darkened light blips to a collector where it would be focused and filtered into a waveform and decoded like some hyper-speed version of today's RF modulation schemes such as PSK, QAM, 8VSB, etc...

Any other concepts I can come up with involve moving parts, so they're automatically non-mention worthy.

Comment Re:You've Already Answered - Library (Score 1) 508

It's my understanding that schools today have internet-connected computer labs and/or public computers in their libraries, so this question is moot.

Not really. That's like saying because they have cafeterias in schools, it is a moot point whether or not the child's parents can provide food at home.

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