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by theshowmecanuck (#47979759) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets
Which is why blue chip stocks were known to come from companies that reliably produced high quality products. They normally weren't the highest relative profits, but were steady. That traditionally made them attractive stocks to invest in. Now investors seem to think that only the highest possible profits are worth going for. If we go by history, those generally won't produce the highest quality products.

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by theshowmecanuck (#47975503) Attached to: The Site That Teaches You To Code Well Enough To Get a Job
Here's great conspiracy theory: someone has figured out how to get free programmers. They post requirements/"exercises" and then give bug reports in the form of 'feedback'. In return they get code that is probably as good as any other offshore programmer. [puts tin foil hat back on]... never bothered to read the article btw

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Even in Linux, when I say server, I mean headless with no X at all. Point and click, in my mind shouldn't be there. Servers just do server stuff 99% of the time. Why waste resources on GUIs for 1% of the time when it can be done command line. If you really need to, SMTP the file out and edit it in gvim or kate or whatever. I also would expect perl and Perl and Python libraries to be there etc.

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Not trolling... I don't use BSD really, but my understanding is that some of the BSD distros are more server focused. I don't mind being corrected but my understanding is this could be a legit alternative if the idea of splitting Linux is a no go. I don't know why BSD isn't seen or heard of more (I do know it is used and has a strong following, but doesn't seem as prevalent as Linux... Mac doesn't count here). For BSD adherents, maybe this is the break they are looking for?

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Apple's design choices inspire people

FTFY: Apple's design choices inspire hipsters

Personally, I think all the previous versions of the iPhone (before 6) are butt fucking ugly, clunky looking things. And funny enough, their new phones look more like Samsung phones than their old POS designs. The only people who like (or are ooh and aah "inspired" by) the designs are hipsters who buy Apple for their hipster chic-ness and anyone else they can convince it's hipster chic. I also think this stupid idea would be so common if media types didn't give Apple such prominent media placement on TV and film all the time; they wouldn't be so cool. (At one time they had an advantage over Windows when they used Motorola chips in the 90s with monolithic memory as opposed to segmented memory when using media software in the pre pentium days... but now they have no advantage.)

I've used both extensively and haven't seen much difference except that the OSX 'Finder' app is the worst piece of shit file manager ever built and I keep feeling cheated that I have to pay for every little thing, nickle and dimed on Apple whenever I need to find something that works reasonably like a better file manager. Other than being Unix based it's got nothing over Windows (and I hate Windows 8, but given I can add 'classic shell' it's no worse than OSX). And fuck you if you say Windows isn't stable. I have no issues with Windows stablility since XP, and I have had OSX lock up so hard you could use it to cut glass. And retina displays? I don't care of the resolution is high, if you make the screen so fucking small I can't read it anyway, I don't care. People don't just buy 24 inch monitors for resolution. So in summary, fuck right off about 'inspiring people'.

Fuck, nothing better to throw me into a rant on the topic of computers than telling me that Apple design can 'inspire' me. Fuck right off.

+ - iPhone 6 and 6+ Drop Test on Video. -> 2

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theshowmecanuck (703852) writes "A mobile review website, has posted a drop test video on YouTube featuring the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. This was done outside on concrete. When dropped on their backs, both were OK. Dropped on their edges, the iPhone 6+ screen had significant breakage in the bottom corner area. When dropped on its face, the iPhone 6 screen shattered completely. The video is pretty straight forward."
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