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Comment Re:How does this compare with other databases? (Score 1) 83

I'll take your word for it. But multithreaded isn't the same thing as multi-process, especially on *nix. And yeah, although I don't program so much now, I have seen people write Oracle queries with hints for running parallel queries when not needed. Since these grab processors it can impact other services on the server.

Comment Re:How does this compare with other databases? (Score 2) 83

Blockquote from the MariaDB site (notice the terms 'sharded' and 'partition'). Also, I would hazard a guess that the PostgreSQL code for parallel queries is written in C, not something like PHP.

Shard-Query is a high performance MPP (massively parallel processing) query engine for MariaDB and MySQL which offers increased parallelism compared to stand-alone servers. This increased parallelism is achieved by taking advantage of MariaDB/MySQL partitioning, sharding, common query clauses like BETWEEN and IN, or some combination of the above.

Shard-Query is implemented with PHP and Gearman.

Shard-Query is targeted mainly at big data problems, and OLAP queries in general. The primary goal of Shard-Query is to enable low-latency query access to extremely large volumes of data utilizing commodity hardware and open source database software. Shard-Query is a federated query engine which is designed to perform as much work in parallel as possible over a sharded dataset, that is one that is split over multiple servers (shards) or partitioned tables .

Comment Re:How does this compare with other databases? (Score 3, Informative) 83

No. "Sharding" is the MYSQL bunch's relabelling of the established RDBMS partitioning paradigm. What this is, is parallel processing of a query. Queries normally run in a single process on a single processor. Now PostgreSQL can have a query split into multiple possesses on two or more processors. Oracle has had this capability for at least a decade.

Comment Re:I'm glad, now, ... (Score 1) 116

So this and other comments like it seem strange to me. The VMs run on actual servers, not virtual ones. The actual servers have to be high availability before any software that runs on them. And how can you virtualize additional OS's without adding more CPUs, RAM, and disk space without making a joke of what you are running? Presumably you add OS's to actually do something. And in my experience those somethings happen concurrently with what happens in multiple virtual OS's on the physical box. Otherwise you wouldn't need multiple OS's now, would you? And they all require resources. And a host is a host is a host, VM or not. When was the last time you only had to patch one host? You normally will have to patch all of them. Unless of course you run a different operating system for every one of your servers. And I don't know many places that do that (at least not any place of any size). Sure there is some economy of scale virtualizing machines and there are virtues in virtualizing; you can share some resources and save on hardware where appropriate. But I'm surprised to hear anyone say it is for high availability. If anything, it seems like one *huge* point of failure is being described here.

Comment Or Stop Using Google (Score 3, Interesting) 70

I have started to use duckduckgo.com for searches when I'm looking for actual articles or information. I have found that I get better results. On a Google search for some information on SaaS billing integration for example, all I got from Google were spiels from companies selling shit. No articles. I did the exact same search in duckduckgo and found something I could use right away. No I don't work for duckduckgo, but I am getting sick of more and more not being able to get useful results from Google. Maybe Yahoo would give better searches to, but I have tried them lately.

Google should concentrate on better and more useful search results and stop fucking around with pushing more advertising, and to stop forcing web sites to code their sites the Google way or be kicked so far down the listing as to not be there at all. But I know that'll never happen. Maybe it is easier for Google's algorithms to mess with the sites if they are in a Google approved format. Google should concentrate on returning useful web searches. But I guess they are useful to the advertisers even if it isn't useful so much for people who are trying to use the internet to get things done.

Comment Re:Demographics (Score 1) 256

Boat people came to America in the late 70s and early 80s with NOTHING. Not even the language. Many of their children and grandchildren will be doctors and lawyers, in far higher proportion than blacks. If they can do it, anyone can. If they want to. Sometimes the walls that are built are your own.

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