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Comment: The Terminal Man (Score 1) 69

by stox (#49044185) Attached to: Mood-Altering Wearable Thync Releases First Brain Test Data

sums up one of the potential dangers of this technology.

"Gerhard shows his findings to Ross, who realizes that the seizures are getting more frequent. She explains that Benson is learning to initiate seizures involuntarily because the result of these seizures is a shock of pleasure, which leads to him having more frequent seizures. Ross checks on Benson, and discovers that, due to the clerical error of the nurses not having been able to read McPherson's signature, Benson has not been receiving his Thorazine. She then finds out that Benson, using the black wig and disguising himself as an orderly, has evaded the police officer assigned to guard him and escaped from the hospital."

Comment: Re:Thieves from Asia can file your tax return (Score 1) 119

by stox (#49004327) Attached to: TurboTax Halts E-filing of State Tax Returns Because of Potential Fraud

Back in the "Good Old Days" Social Security cards were clearly marked as "DO NOT USE FOR IDENTIFICATION"

Sadly, when Emperor Reagan was elected, we forgot all that.

Prior to that, it was illegal to use your SSN for identification, outside of the military.

I think it was the military who pioneered the use of an SSN as an ID.

Comment: Re:Regulation Strikes again (Score 2) 194

by stox (#48999145) Attached to: Farmers Struggling With High-Tech Farm Equipment

"1980: General Motors implements a proprietary interface and protocol for testing of the Engine Control Module (ECM) on the vehicle assembly line. The 'assembly line diagnostic link' (ALDL) protocol communicates at 160 bit/s Implemented on California vehicles for the 1980 model year, and the rest of the United States in 1981. The only available function for the owner is "Blinky Codes" that transmit the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) with the blinking pattern of the "Check Engine" (MIL) light."

+ - Politicians are supporting Comcast's TWC merger with ghostwritten letters->

Submitted by stox
stox (131684) writes ""Yet Wood’s letter made one key omission: Neither Wood nor anyone representing Roswell’s residents wrote his letter to the FCC. Instead, a vice president of external affairs at Comcast authored the missive word for word in Mayor Wood's voice. According to email correspondence obtained through a public records request, the Republican mayor’s office apparently added one sign-off sentence and his signature to the corporate PR document, then sent it to federal regulators on the official letterhead of Roswell, Georgia.""
Link to Original Source

Comment: Oh please! (Score 1) 224

by stox (#48742961) Attached to: Beware Headlines Saying Chocolate Is Good For You

Are you suggesting that we let a bunch of pinko commie academics decide what to study with public money instead? By using funding from the Mars Corporation, research is channeled into what is important to more of us. Lets be honest, far more of our lives revolve around chocolate than they do the tse tse fly of of Northen Tanzania.

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