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Comment: Does not ring true. (Score 0) 786

by pyster (#48199803) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

anyone who has a collection of computer magazines from the 80s knows this is pretty much bullshit. Girls are plastered all over Ahoy, Compute! Compute! Gazette, Family Computing, and every magazine of the era. Women features as programmers and artist. is a great archive and you can use google to find more. There seemed to be an effort to be inclusive of women... What will you not find so much? Black people. Here and there, but for the most part missing.

And I think of the keeping up with the commodore commercials... They all had women and girls in them. The vic20 commercials with shatner had a boy and a girl.

There were pieces about software designers, like the woman who was part of the team that created archon. Women featured in the computer art contests and programming contests.

The problem lies not with advertising. It lies with schools and the fucked up social system of the status quo.

Comment: Re:Plastic "art" (Score 0) 171

by pyster (#46836495) Attached to: Previously Unknown Warhol Works Recovered From '80s Amiga Disks

Pretty sure the history books dont include the demo scene. Why dont you let your fingers do the googling and educate yourself on the demo c64 and amiga demo scene. i recognize Warhol as an important artist, but when it came the amiga the stunning works of art that inspired a wide range of emotion were from the scene.

I'm gonna guess that they dont actually teach anything about scene art in art history class, yet was important to an millions.

"The Amiga and its demo scene were more art than Warhol ever will be." The guy is talking about art, and the quality there of. Certainly subjective, but I've not known any warhol pieces to make person cry at their viewing.

Comment: Re:Hey gamers! (Score 0) 113

by pyster (#42998213) Attached to: How Game Streaming Went From Shaky Webcams To the PS4

This is an example of a dumb ass that has no idea what the fuck he is talking about. Period. If you personally stepped out of your mothers basement and looked outside of your own very narrow experience and focus you would never have said anything so fucken stupid. You do realize that gaming is main stream now, right? Its not the realm of nerds or children. Grandma plays angry birds. Heh, grandma might be able to kick your ass in Thrill Kill too. Your level of cluelessness could only be acceptable if this was 1992 and you took the short bus to school.

Way back when the we had an odyessy2 we started recording our games, then the Atari games, then lots of C64 stuff and Tecmo Bowl... In the 80s who watched this stuff? Pretty much all my family, and all my friends. Lots of the material made it into various 'trip tapes'. When the PSX came out we used to record our Soul Blade battles for a period of time, along with anything else we thought was cool. and now I use bandicam to record subspace and L4D2 mostly. Who watches the shit? Same audience. I'm slowly putting together a compilation of me getting accidentally set on fire and people thinking they are playing halo (walking in front of you while you are firing).

as far as the nerd thing or living with our parents... in the late 90s/early 2000s we had several machines set up in an apartment. Every day we'd all game there. Lots of counter strike. With our GIRLFRIENDS. We couldnt walk down the street without meeting someone we knew and exchanging pleasantries, making plans, etc... We often didnt have to pay for some of our drinks because everyone knew us and we really were the cool kids. we werent just gamers. We always had random locks and lock pick sets laying around for people to play with and learn lock picking. We had jobs in computers before it was cool. we smoked copious amounts of pot and played a game called drink pussy... point at someone and they have to drink. Lots of the group has went to the 4 corners, but we still game, and now involve the various children spawned over time. We've all been working 40+ work weeks for more than 20 years and we all still game.

Hey... because you are never going to play in the NFL does that mean you stopped playing football too? Lots of cash to be made recording games, but if you think cash is the only value you are really just a blind moron.

Comment: Gawker? (Score 0) 429

by pyster (#39327687) Attached to: Have Online Comment Sections Become Specious?

Gawker is a stinking pile of shit; and its mods are the biggest piles of human shit. From the moronic mods who dont like when you point out their post on life hacker should have been sanity or fact checked to the dumb cunts at jezebell who think everything is either sexist or racist. I can only hope they all die in a car accident that involves a honey wagon. If there is any lack of 'intelligent' conversion or honest discussion its because of the mods. there. Their twisted and biased slant often does not reflect reality and the promote those who cheer lead their folly and censor/silence any detractors. Not to mention almost everything posted on the gawker network is of questionable worth to anyone to begin with.

Places like tom's hardware are good examples of forums that work for their communities and where intelligent conversations can be had. Slashdot not so much. The mod system just makes it so cheer leaders are heard and detractors are silenced by the majority. I often wonder how much crack cocaine it takes to keep the user forums here going, because I read some of the most retarded shit here.

Comment: Re:In re Boucher? (Score 0) 1047

by pyster (#38802859) Attached to: US Judge Rules Defendant Can Be Forced To Decrypt Hard Drive
Yeah. One would think slashdot would have considered/analyzed this since they have posted various stories on this subject over the years. The lower courts have been inconsistent with this, and thus none of their rulings can be used as legal precedent. It is off to SCOTUS. If they continue their current trend of protecting constitutional rights we will see their ruling in favor of a persons right to not incriminate themselves. I'd put $5 on it.

Comment: why do i need a subject line? (Score 0) 232

by pyster (#36277926) Attached to: Malware Scanner Finds 5% of Windows PCs Infected

While I agree the numbers seem low, its not because 'computers are scanned when they go online'. How many people these days connect their computer directly to the internet? Most machines are behind nat, which while not a complete security measure any any means, it does off protect for out side scanning.

Infections mostly come from browser based and download/execute attacks.

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