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Comment Re:The most significant loss (Score 0) 395 395

Welcome to the internet, where many people are exposed to new words from across the globe and add them to their vocabulary. I have never blamed others, or found it annoying, when I have had to look up a word. When arguing with Pilkunnussija I cannot say I am the slightest bit concerned as to what annoys them.

Comment Re:The most significant loss (Score 0) 395 395

lemme also add ... Comma fuckers generally do not understand linguistics and how language works. They only understand the rules they were taught and adhere to them like bad religions. They refuse to accept words as words, grammatic styles that dont adhere to their world view, or alternative spellings. In general they are bad people :)

Comment Re:The most significant loss (Score 1) 395 395

We live in a world of spelling and grammar checkers. They should be employed for formal documents. Out side of that people who complain about spelling, grammar, and so on when the average person mentally auto corrects readily comes from a sad place. A place that has put too much emphasis on trite line items of no value.

When people use 1337 $peak or prince like short hand, it is a style choice. We've seen countless blurbs on the internet that has debunked the 'children do not know how to spell' bs. Literacy rates are the highest they have ever been. When one chooses to be a bigot based on language styles one has chosen to allow a line item of no importance disrupt communication. Time and time again we see people who were readily understood by the masses have their conversations dismissed for a typo, a grammatical error, or a style choice. Similar to how asshats misuse godwin. Pilkunnussija serve no purpose other than to derail legitimate conversation. They are nothing more than trolls with who have invested far too much emotional investment in a particular protocol. They often mock people with other dialects; and 31337 $pea/ is most definitely an actual dialect with its own rules.

Intelligent people, heh, your average fucken joe, can #1 readily adapt to the protocol changes they will encounter, #2 are not attached to any language 'rules' because they know that language is continuously evolve, and #3 never judge people based on the protocol and only the content or ideas expressed.

Pilkunnussija are basically assholes and trolls, and they are this way because their desire to have everything match the rules they were taught causes them a great deal of emotional discomfort. They often hurt inside when you miss a comma that needed fucking.

Unless its a technical document that needs to be very precise please just cram the comma fucking in ones cock holster.

Comment Re:The most significant loss (Score 0, Troll) 395 395

Pilkunnussija are worthless fuckers who don't actually understand language. They are like the teacher who disrupts the class for someone quietly chewing gum. Language bias disrupts actual communication. Pointing out, or ripping on, language constructs that are not to your liking doesn't make you intelligent; it makes you a disruptive asshole. If you cannot get over the use or R U 31337 you need to know you are the problem, and not the writer. The intelligent people, or at least honest people, who want to engage in actual communication have more adaptive protocols and are more concerned with the content than the wrapper.

TLDR: Grammar Nazi's please fuck off.

Comment The Death Of Fax Machines Has Been Grossly... (Score 0) 395 395

The death of fax machines has been grossly exaggerated. They are every-fucken-where. VOIP and the t38... so many places to break... and yet lawyers, real estate folks, medical establishments, and companies too afraid to tell their clients 'no dont fax it, scan it and email it' proliferate the landscape. I suspect voice mail to be die sooner than fax machines. Or that voice to text becomes a standard, and not paid for, service. I hate them so much I logged in for the first time in a very long time to post this...

Comment Does not ring true. (Score 0) 786 786

anyone who has a collection of computer magazines from the 80s knows this is pretty much bullshit. Girls are plastered all over Ahoy, Compute! Compute! Gazette, Family Computing, and every magazine of the era. Women features as programmers and artist. is a great archive and you can use google to find more. There seemed to be an effort to be inclusive of women... What will you not find so much? Black people. Here and there, but for the most part missing.

And I think of the keeping up with the commodore commercials... They all had women and girls in them. The vic20 commercials with shatner had a boy and a girl.

There were pieces about software designers, like the woman who was part of the team that created archon. Women featured in the computer art contests and programming contests.

The problem lies not with advertising. It lies with schools and the fucked up social system of the status quo.

Comment Re:Plastic "art" (Score 0) 171 171

Pretty sure the history books dont include the demo scene. Why dont you let your fingers do the googling and educate yourself on the demo c64 and amiga demo scene. i recognize Warhol as an important artist, but when it came the amiga the stunning works of art that inspired a wide range of emotion were from the scene.

I'm gonna guess that they dont actually teach anything about scene art in art history class, yet was important to an millions.

"The Amiga and its demo scene were more art than Warhol ever will be." The guy is talking about art, and the quality there of. Certainly subjective, but I've not known any warhol pieces to make person cry at their viewing.

How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One to hold the giraffe and one to fill the bathtub with brightly colored power tools.