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Comment Outage.. (Score 4, Interesting) 377

I unplugged the wrong thing in a datacenter once which took 20k domains offline. Traced the cable from the machine to the wall 2 or three times before pulling too..

They didn't have any cable management and only one border router..

Didn't lose my job, I was a very young sysadmin who was learning but good at what I did.. everyone kinda shrugged it off as a lesson learned.

Comment Re:Could you hire an IT security person? (Score 1) 562

No. Sorry. Government-only backdoors do not exist. They're by definition public. At the very least, they are public enough that every OTHER government will have the keys to it, too.

Not necessarily, Dual_EC_DRBG's potential back door lies in being able to choose the parameters of the protocol - namely choosing two points on the eliptic curve P and Q such that they know e where eP= Q. The only other way to "discover" this back door key would be solving the discrete logarithm problem which is the hardness assumption thats being used in the first place.

Comment Can someone answer a few questions... (Score 1) 225

1 - How long will the melted down core remnants needs to water to be applied? Can the corium still sustain a nuclear chain reaction if it were exposed?

2 - Whats would occur if water were interrupted at this point? (They called it cold shutdown a year ago but sources seem to conflict)

3 - How long will water need to be applied to the spent fuel ponds? From my understanding the fuel above reactor 4 is somewhat precarious since the building was compromised during the original explosions. Would these fuel rods ignite without water? Is there a real criticality danger if removal does not go exactly as planned? (Wikipedia seems to say criticality in fuel pools is a low-probability event under normal conditions)

4 - Whats your worst case scenario?

Just trying to find some basic scientific answers here, hoping someone can provide insight.

Comment Re:Discouraging underage use? (Score 1) 526

They found that people who began using pot earlier in life and used it most frequently over the years experienced an average decline of eight IQ points by the time they turned 38.

I'm betting most people lose at least eight IQ points by the time they turn 38.

That's why the mathematicians who do the groundbreaking work mostly are younger than 38. There are still brilliant mathematicians older than that, but they're not the ones who are doing the most important new work.


Born in 1955 - recently had a breakthrough paper showing that there are infintely many primes with a gap at most 70million

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