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Comment: Re:Copyright violation? (Score 3, Insightful) 230

I think it is.

It is one thing to install software on your own computer that serves modified content. When you start serving the modified content to other people, I believe that creates the difference.

If comcast can inject ads, then there would be no problem with ISPs offering "Advertising Filtering" proxy servers for their customers and serving them sanitized content.

Comment: Re:Firewall != Windows Firewall (Score 1) 348

The argument for running a windows firewall *in addition* to physical firewalls is that you create a "soft underbelly" if the individual servers do not have their own defenses. Say someone compromises server #1 -- now they can attack server #2 - #4 and have access to a significantly larger threat surface (i.e. Server #1 has direct access to ports on #2 - #4 that you wouldn't want an attacker to see).

The basic principle is - keep your attack surface as small as possible from as many attack vectors as possible. This means inefficiency and overlapping defenses.

Comment: "Yeah... right"... Re:John Smith? (Score 4, Informative) 148

Pretty sure these people haven't spent much time in the courts....

I was sued for defamation by a company over content that someone else published on their site. I was included in the lawsuit because I provided the owner/operator/content-creator/everything of the other site a web analytics tool I created (before the days of free Google Analytics). This was enough to confuse the courts and put me in the position where best case scenario, I spend $40K+ and I "win" and worst case scenario, I spend $40K and lose the case and face a ridiculous judgment.

Unless you are an unemployed lawyer with no assets and plenty of free time, the legal system is a big pile of lose-lose.

Comment: Re:READ THE MANUAL FFS (Score 1) 372

by steppin_razor_LA (#44270049) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Postgres On Par With Oracle?

Well put. Furthermore, stored procedures can enhance security (i.e. only allow the user that your application is connected to to perform specific predefined actions instead of direct table access). Also, I believe (although I could be wrong) that stored procedures are more likely to benefit from performance optimization within the database than dynamic SQL.

It's a beautiful dream (.NET/JAVA > TSQL in a heartbeat) but putting all of your business logic in your code is just another flavor of cool aid...

Comment: Not a good anti-network neutrality argument... (Score 3, Insightful) 292

The article paints the picture that Netflix should be paying extra money and charging its subscribers extra money to deliver high speed internet to them and that antiquated network neutrality restrictions make the whole thing unfair.

Netflix is now going to be able to offer even higher bandwidth services. In order to take advantage of them, you need a fast pipe (direct to your house and for your ISP to have good connections to the bandwidth sources) this means your ISP may need to cough up some more $s in order to deliver you the content that they are charging you for.

So let's review:
Netflix is paying for bandwidth in order to be able to provide the streams.
Consumers are paying for bandwidth in order to receive the streams.

If you don't purchase sufficient bandwidth from your ISP, then you can get the shiny new streams and you may need to give more money to your ISP if you want the highest quality service.

If you did purchase sufficient bandwidth from your ISP, but they have been enjoying being able to charge you for premium bandwidth (8mb/s down woot!) but they haven't been investing in the upstream bandwidth/peering/etc in order to deliver, then it's time for them to spend some more money on the infrastructure that your bandwidth is for.

The fact that 30% of the traffic is Netflix doesn't make it a Netflix problem. Netflix pays for its bandwidth. I want to stream Netflix so I spend extra $s to buy a bigger pipe. The only problem I see is the carriers raking in huge profits without investing in the infrastructure required.

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