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Comment Re:I must've missed the previous discovery (Score 2) 90

For those too lazy to educate themselves, Umami is the "savory" taste. It's somewhat of a meaty/fishy flavor and is found in tomatoes (that's probably why many people like ketchup), mushrooms (especially dried), green tea, soy sauce, fish, and other food items. In high concentrations, it crates that "asian food taste" that many people enjoy. MSG is an artificial glutimate which attempts to emulate the umami taste of the traditional Japanese Dashi stock. However, it happens to be a little easier to prepare (and cheaper).

Comment Re:Easy grammar (Score 1) 626

The Kanji isn't that bad, once you learn it. Sometimes, I have a hard time reading a word that isn't written in kanji when it's one that usually is (where the person who wrote it forgot to convert it in their IME or was lazy if it's hand-written). Also, it really does help with distinguishing homophones.

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