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Comment: Re:On what timeline? (Score 1) 409

Solar panels and wind turbines don't tend to live very long, so increasing the timeline won't really help. Plus, if it was a small timeline, nuclear would look more expensive as it would include all the initial costs (nuclear power the first year is much more expensive than nuclear power subsequent years, until decomissioning).

Comment: Re:Um, here's a simpler way (Score 2) 52

by stephenmac7 (#47499663) Attached to: Researchers Create Origami Wheels That Can Change Size
Yes, but it can also get smaller, to be able to squeeze through small spaces. The point is not being able to climb over things, but being able to adapt to the current situation. Depending on the size of the thing it need to climb over and how fine it's movement needs to be, it can adjust the wheel size.

Comment: Re:No public drug use (Score 1) 474

by stephenmac7 (#47489395) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use
Drug use is not OK for many reasons, just as tobacco use is not okay. It's bad for you health, addictive, expensive, and effectively useless. It also makes people more likely to get hurt by doing stupid things like operating machinery. Concentrations of drug use will have a serious negative impact on the local community by draining it's money (people will be paying for drugs rather than for local services, etc), making the people unhealthy, putting a bad name on the community, repelling people from moving in, and making it a worse place to do any other business, due to the drainage of money.

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