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Comment Re:Unregulated speech, must stop at all costs! (Score 1) 297 297

Next time, he should just do like the KISS band, and encourage lookalikes to perform as well. A bunch of wigs with dreadlocks shouldn't cost that much. While the "hologram" idea makes a good South Park joke, live performances from (both bad and sometimes good) imitators are a lot more fun.

Comment Re:pardon my french, but "duh" (Score 1) 288 288

...instead of his relatives putting a little effort into hand written letters and face time?

Handwritten letters don't do squat if the older person can't read them anymore, or can't use their right hand to write anymore because of nerve damage.

At least, computers can be upgraded and molded to some degree (even that too is not enough).

Comment Re:SO this means..... (Score 2, Funny) 97 97

Everyone This thursday, no free bagels at all apple offices. We have to pay the fine.

Yes their thursday bagel expense is about the same as their fine.

US$ 450,000,000.00 divided by 80,000 employees = US$ 5,625.00 per employee. So let's be super generous here and assume that they spend $5 per bagel + Schmear.

Each Apple employee would have to consume 1,125 bagels each time. Assuming each bagel is 87.4 grams and that each employee eats 1,125 bagels, that would make 210 lbs (or 95 kgs) of bagels consumed per employee each Thursday (not including the Schmear).

Of course, I've made other assumptions. I've assumed that only the full time employees got free bagels, which is probably not the case. And I've assumed that all full time employees, even the ones at retail locations and warehouse locations, all got free bagels (which is probably not the case either).

Comment Re:"Are" or "could be"? (Score 1) 104 104

You're hosting people, you should have all the required protection that lets you cover the cost if something bad happens.

You're not necessarily hosting people.

Just like putting a for sale sign on a car doesn't mean that you have sold your car.

Listing a property for a particular set of dates, or listing the same property multiple times, doesn't necessarily mean that any of your listings were accepted.

Comment Re:It has this. (Score 2) 191 191

Actually, yes it is hard. 8.4 has never been jail broken. How would you do your detective stuff on my phone?

You forgot the sarcasm tag.

Not everyone knows that most of iOS users won't get iOS 8.4 until two or three days from now (June 29th or 30th).

Android users are having similar problems with the Android M Preview. You can install the Android M Preview on a rooted device, some manufacturers will even officially give you access to their official custom Android M ROM, but you can't unroot and then reroot an existing device with Android M Preview on it. If you try to do so, SuperSU will go into an infinite loop.

Comment Re:It has this. (Score 1) 191 191

You mean don't use your own birthdate and don't answer security questions truthfully.

Because according to the link you provided, passwords weren't the weakest part of iCloud's negligent security.

Also, Apple’s “Forgot my password” system means that if you know the victim’s birthday and the answers to some security questions, you might gain access to their account.

Comment Re:"generous?" (Score 1) 368 368

"Generous" is not a word associated with Apple in my experience....

That's because you're not a celebrity.

If you're an obscenely rich and famous celebrity, and your agent agrees that you will show off your Apple products to your fans, or if you're a famous reporter and your newspaper didn't make the mistake of printing iPhone-related bad news, you'll get invited to Apple's parties and you'll receive receive many of Apple's gadgets for free.

Comment Re:Label it accurately (Score 1) 668 668

Short answer? Yes. Selling "medicine" under false pretenses is 100% of the reason why the FDA exists.

I recall the FDA was created because some idiot used paint thinner to mix a batch of medicine which then killed a bunch of people.

If fighting against false advertising and placebo sugar pills are parts of its mandate now, it must be because of scope creep. Now I can understand the FDA regulating Chinese medicine for instance. After all, some herbs and some natural remedies can be as potent and as dangerous as real medicine, especially when people are self-prescribing, but in the case of homeopathic medicine, that really isn't the case, its real intent is to do no harm, and to make use of the placebo effect. Remove placebo sugar pills and people are going to die as a result. The placebo effect is not negligible.

Comment Re:unauditable code, nice (Score 1) 173 173

...they've essentially guaranteed that it's unauditable by anyone not on a short list. +1 to you, Facebook.

There must be some confusion on your part.

This is not an open source project and this is not a web site. Any app they make that takes advantage of the native functionality of the camera is most likely going to be in a black box, whatever language they choose.

And one would think that Facebook hired enough developers that can program in C++ to have proper code reviews.

Comment Re:Not compatible with my Nexus 5 (Lollipop 5.1) (Score 1) 173 173

According to the Play Store, it allows me to install it on all my Lollipop devices:

My T-Mobile LG G2, my Sony Xperia Z Ultra, and my Nexus 9.

May be, they're doing a staged rollout thing. Staged rollouts are a good idea from a technical perspective. The marketing department hates them, but on a popular app they can avoid you thousands of negative ratings/reviews because there is always someone, whether it's an impatient higher up or an impatient developer, that tries to make one tiny little change to the final build that doesn't have the time to go through proper testing.

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