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by steelfood (#48032281) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

The difference between powershell and *sh (besides the obvious many-small-binaries unix philosophy vs the one-giant-blob windows philosophy) is that *sh is both a CLI and a scripting language. Powershell is useful just as a scripting language. Sure you could use powershell as the CLI, but it does seriously suck.

Granted with bash illustrating the problems of a dual-use CLI and shell, separating the two might not be such a bad idea, but it's so much easier transitioning from shell one-liners to full shell scripting than the same from dos commands to powershell scripting. But posix enables this, not any particular unix shell in and of itself.

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by steelfood (#48032057) Attached to: FCC Rejects Blackout Rules

All the major sports leagues have an exemption. It's nothing new.

I assume the blackout protection expires for all sports, not just the NFL. But the NFL is the current big and bad (not just headline wise; we're also in the middle of the regular season when blackouts are most likely to happen), so they get the mention.

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by steelfood (#48031593) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

Past Ebola incubation periods were under 3 days. This one can be dormant up to 3 weeks. That means you can be a carrier and not know until 3 weeks later. In a place where the health care system is top notch and any outbreak can be contained in a relatively short time, that doesn't mean much. But combine that with crappy health care and ignorant masses, you've got a perfect storm where people who have it don't know they have it or don't want to get treated and thus get other people infected, who then travel somewhere else before showing symptoms and getting other people infected.

This is why it's not as big a deal in the U.S. if it gets here. The people who show signs are quickly quarrantined. The people who are close to them are quarrantined. They'll quarrantine entire towns if necessary.

The only issue is if it hits a big city, and people aren't aware of their symptoms, and it starts spreading. But it's hard to not be aware of your symptoms when you're bleeding out of every orfice. And we do have experimental treatments, worst case. They've already been shown to work. We just don't know if they won't cause worse things to happen in the edge cases, like massive blood clots for certain people or some such.

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That's a test of bash specifically. If you want to see how vulnurable your system could potentially be, change bash to sh. Since all sorts of things will spawn shells for some purpose or another, any of them is an attack vector.

Most Linux distros (except Ubuntu and derivatives, and more recent Debian) will be vulnurable because sh symlinks to bash. But for non-Linux *NIX systems like BSD, this may or may not be true.

Patch anyway, but if you've got a vulnurable public-facing system, you may want to go over your firewall logs as well.

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Based on their source of data, I question whether the numbers have been adjusted for experience, years of service, and qualification.

Teaching is largely a unionized job. In a union, compensation is more or less set in stone based on years of service and certain qualification criteria (degree, etc.). There's not much wiggle room. Administration is a bit different, as is higher education teaching, but for K-12, I'd imagine the difference in salary is not related to discrimination whether conscious or subconscious.

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If you want to talk about wild, black holes are about as wild as they get. Collapse of matter into a singularity that not even light can escape? Seriously? I mean, there's some wacky stuff out there. But there's nothing quite as crazy as the singularity, which is 0 and +/- infinity all wrapped up into one thing.

It is a much less crazy universe without black holes. Occam's razor however, so far has favored it, in the same way that it's favored dark matter. That's all.

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Replace "white people" with active and retired military servicemen and women, and it's pretty much reality.

They do a lot of infectious disease combat testing on our troops. It probably started out of necessity, and that's still the excuse, but it evolved into just treating our soldiers as an easy supply of ideal human test subjects. Makes you wonder if those troops they're sending over were exactly for this purpose.