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Comment: Re:Test string here: (Score 1) 399

by steelfood (#47989525) Attached to: Remote Exploit Vulnerability Found In Bash

That's a test of bash specifically. If you want to see how vulnurable your system could potentially be, change bash to sh. Since all sorts of things will spawn shells for some purpose or another, any of them is an attack vector.

Most Linux distros (except Ubuntu and derivatives, and more recent Debian) will be vulnurable because sh symlinks to bash. But for non-Linux *NIX systems like BSD, this may or may not be true.

Patch anyway, but if you've got a vulnurable public-facing system, you may want to go over your firewall logs as well.

Comment: Re:Emma Watson is full of it (Score 1) 590

by steelfood (#47988083) Attached to: Emma Watson Leaked Photo Threat Was a Plot To Attack 4chan

Based on their source of data, I question whether the numbers have been adjusted for experience, years of service, and qualification.

Teaching is largely a unionized job. In a union, compensation is more or less set in stone based on years of service and certain qualification criteria (degree, etc.). There's not much wiggle room. Administration is a bit different, as is higher education teaching, but for K-12, I'd imagine the difference in salary is not related to discrimination whether conscious or subconscious.

Comment: Re:Black holes are real, we observe them all the t (Score 1) 356

by steelfood (#47987441) Attached to: Physicist Claims Black Holes Mathematically Don't Exist

If you want to talk about wild, black holes are about as wild as they get. Collapse of matter into a singularity that not even light can escape? Seriously? I mean, there's some wacky stuff out there. But there's nothing quite as crazy as the singularity, which is 0 and +/- infinity all wrapped up into one thing.

It is a much less crazy universe without black holes. Occam's razor however, so far has favored it, in the same way that it's favored dark matter. That's all.

Comment: Re:Ebola Vaccine At Least 50 White People Away (Score 1) 275

by steelfood (#47977823) Attached to: CDC: Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million In 4 Months

Replace "white people" with active and retired military servicemen and women, and it's pretty much reality.

They do a lot of infectious disease combat testing on our troops. It probably started out of necessity, and that's still the excuse, but it evolved into just treating our soldiers as an easy supply of ideal human test subjects. Makes you wonder if those troops they're sending over were exactly for this purpose.

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Quite impossible. If I privately sold you a LP record for $20 cash, how is the IRS going to trace that? Or what if we traded, a LP worth $20 fair market for a LaserDisc worth $15 fair market? They can't track these kinds of transactions now, and they won't be able to no matter what. Tax evasion would skyrocket if you go to a use/sales tax.

Income tax is actually pretty good. What's bad are the complex web of deductable items. A non-discriminatory revenue tax, with no write offs, would be perfect. And if you work for someone other than yourself, you wouldn't even have to file your taxes every year. Your company would just file it for you. The IRS would calculate and deduct automatically so that if you worked multiple jobs and had multiple sources of income, it would all be accounted for. And that would be the end of all that April 15th headache.

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by steelfood (#47969199) Attached to: Before Using StingRays, Police Must Sign NDA With FBI

It's not just the calls. Text messages, e-mails, location data, IMEI number, heck even the make, model, and OS version of your phone gets captured by these things (probably--most likely).

In reality, it's not so different from what would be captured via a wiretap. All this does is circumvents the need for a warrant.

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