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Comment: Re:But ... (Score 1) 138

Probably not. Your toast, besides having changes in its protein structures, has other physical changes that still can't be undone - we can't convert caramelized sugar back into it's regular form because a portion of that sugar has burned to carbon (part of what forms the color of the toasted bread), the fats burns, as do, actually, some of the proteins.

But this research does show what could be achieved with judicious use of nanotechnology - perhaps burnt areas could be classified, their carbon atoms mapped, their most likely molecules derived and those molecules reconstructed by a goo that, when heated, turns into raspberry jam. All-in-all, great progress towards the worldwide burnt toast scourge has been forged.

More seriously, wouldn't you just love to have your work (which you've probably spent years in creating) become the butt of a bunch of stupid food jokes because your stupid press office came up with this stupid examples of untangling proteins? Poor, poor researchers... What a world.

Comment: Re:I have an even better idea (Score 0) 300

by frank_adrian314159 (#48892727) Attached to: Government Recommends Cars With Smarter Brakes

The fact is, most people are safe enough drivers most of the time. Except for when they're not.FTFY. Very few drivers are "safe" in any particularly strict sense of the term. Myself included. We're sort of like Windows code in that respect. Safe enough? Yes, as long as they're properly monitored and regulated. Other than that? I wouldn't share a road with them, if I had a choice.

Comment: Re:I've been trying to hire a Senior EE for a YEAR (Score 1) 508

Not to mention the area he's wanting to hire the EE for (RF design for 801.x drivers are a lot different than power systems guys, which is different than digital design for chips).

If he's really interviewed over 100 people either (a) he's not paying enough, (b) he's in some place no one wants to live, (c) he wants someone who's both an expert RF and power system guy (or someone who's a mixture of two similarly incompatible subspecialties), or (d) an asshole no one wants to work with.

Given the original post, I got a feeling that the real reason is (d), but since I'm feeling charitable, I'll assume the real reason is a mix of all four.

Comment: Re:2-yr code, no devel edu == hacks, healthcare.go (Score 1) 200

My objection to things like this are the false belief it instills that all you need to do to learn to be good at this is go to community college for a while, where you'll be taught by other people who aren't good at coding. If they were good, they'd be doing it, not making peanuts teaching community college.

That's not necessarily true. There are many folks who are quite good teaching at the CC level. Many are PhDs and want to make a bit more money while working on their post docs. Others want a bit more income, because normal programmer jobs in many places don't pay six figures. Many want to share the knowledge that they've acquired over twenty or thirty years of software engineering practice that's sadly discounted by most employers. And they're usually a damn sight better at design and teaching than the latest moron standing up an RR instance on a web server while building the latest social media bullshit app.

The real problem with the whole "Let's teach everyone to code" idea? Not enough coding jobs, even if you did train this many people. How about we train everyone how to fix cars? Then we can all make money fixing everyone else's car! Oh, wait...

Comment: Read this for what it is... (Score 1) 200

The end game comes shortly.

Either the US figures out that wealth and income need to be spread more widely so that more demand is created and business grows because of that, rather than via ever more convoluted and harsh predatory financial and business behavior targeted upon their customers and the rest of the world, or it is toast.

That is all.

Comment: Re:About time (Score 4, Insightful) 417

by frank_adrian314159 (#48812729) Attached to: Obama Unveils Plan To Bring About Faster Internet In the US

Why yes. That ishow our local communities decide. Why do you hate democratically-elected officials making decisions so much? Would you rather have no elections? Or no government? Since the last two seem to not lead to anything but suffering, perhaps you have some novel idea as to how to structure government so as not to have these problems. I'd love to hear your ideas, unless you're just a complaining asshat.

Comment: Won't work... (Score 1) 272

by frank_adrian314159 (#48802961) Attached to: Silicon Valley's Quest To Extend Life 'Well Beyond 120'

.. at least not soon. The fact is that the human body was not designed - it evolved. And it evolved with all of these random chemical cross-linkages (in fact, this bizarre randomness is a main point of evidence that it was not designed). So when you find a therapy, it often interacts with several body systems. And quite often those actions have negative impacts on the system, as well as positive (it's why so many of the newer drugs have so many bad side effects). So it's a messy problem.

Silicon Valley has thrived using the technique cutting through problems by simplifying and disintermediating them. As such, they believe that any problem can be solved by doing this. Do I really need to say that this will not solve this particular problem? OK, I'll say it... It won't.

Removal from the biological matrix is a prerequisite for significant life extension (if by "life", we really mean "lifespan of our instance of sentience"), just as removal from the physical matrix is a prerequisite to eternal existence.

Comment: Well, let the free market work! (Score 2) 629

If you're pissed off at Google for not fixing defects in older versions of Android, you can always switch to an iPhone or a Microsoft Windows phone. Why are you folks always whining about corporate decisions that make financial sense? Unless, of course, you're willing to something and make those "financial decisions" hurt the corporation involved.

Don't like how Google won't fix bugs? Don't buy an Android next time.

Unless you also want to say that the free market doesn't fix everything. There's a reason for various regulations concerning warranty and support regulations. Especially for vital telecom infrastructure.

Comment: Re:Stop trying to win this politically (Score 1) 786

by frank_adrian314159 (#48787823) Attached to: Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science

And you don't talk scientifically unless you have an alternative theory, which to the best of our recollection, you have none. The best we can discern from your interminable hostility is that you don't think there's anything worth worrying about which, although highly indicative of your internal state, says little about the world itself. Why should we listen to you? No theory. No science. You're as far away from science as you could be.

Comment: Re:Thanks for the informative link on PLATO hw! (Score 1) 40

by frank_adrian314159 (#48787699) Attached to: Back To the Social Media Future

The company behind PLATO? Give me a break.

Other than providing the hardware, CDC did almost nothing and had to dragged, kicking and screaming, into marketing it at all (and at which they did a lackluster and shitty job). Almost all of the software (including rewriting a lot of the OS - the CDC OS'es were not known for their "real time" capabilities, being mainly designed for high-performance scientific computing) were developed by the folks at the University if Illinois. And that software development? Mostly funded with government grants (back when we did those sorts of things for non-military things).

Control Data and PLATO? Fuck 'em - they were mainly irrelevant. Thanks for the hardware, though - it did have an interesting architecture (sort of like programming in microcode).

Comment: You want to get rid of online harassment? (Score 1) 189

by frank_adrian314159 (#48781713) Attached to: EFF Takes On Online Harassment

Get rid of anonymity. If users can hide behind a veil of online anonymity, if they can always be relatively assured that no one is going to trace down that AssH/\t350 is really Wendel Jeppers of 113 Terrace Dr., Apt. C, Meat Hollow, KY, and that there is almost no chance that one can deliver a summons to him, you will not get rid of harassment. Couple that with the fact that there is no authority which can get rid of a troll once and for all, that they can sign up with a new anonymous account, and it's easy to see that the EFF folks are idiots in this case.

It's all good to have folks stand up and decry harassment when it happens. We'd all like to think our better angels triumph over evil. They don't always (or is that often?). That's why we need identity, laws, and authority. Because certain idiots in this world need to be separated from polite society (and hopefully rehabilitated before being let back into that society) because they do cause harm.

The good news is that Bayesian probability and AI will soon be good enough to identify trolls, harassers, and other assorted knaves by the way they write - write enough like a troll, watch your post get bounced and your account cancelled - no appeal, go away. We'll have control. It's probably not the kind you want though, as these technical solutions always have collateral damage.

So, Internet idiots, you've all been warned several times. Are you going to grow up, act like adults, and control yourselves or are you going to be leashed? Your choice.

Comment: Re:why the hate (Score 3, Interesting) 341

by frank_adrian314159 (#48755945) Attached to: Intel Pledges $300 Million To Improve Diversity In Tech

Working your ass off for 10 years? Try 30 and fighting age discrimination. It has nothing to do with diversity, people of different cultures, genders, etc. If it's being supported by these companies it's all about increasing the labor supply so they can screw over their workers more easily for less money. For those of you who think otherwise, you're naive and supporting your oppressors' schemes. Employment becomes a zero-sum game if the pool of workers is growing faster than the number of open positions.

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