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Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 173

Not an exceptional event at all. Actually quite common. The school has an officer on site who is also threatened frequently, along with teachers. Been to a high risk school lately? It is never the kids fault!

And yes, if there are no consequences to actions, then why would anyone obey the rules. So yes, while unfortunate the "one" pregnant girl will likely fail in my model, I'm not so sure she will succeed in yours either. After high school exactly what are the odds of a single mother succeeding in today's world?

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 3, Interesting) 173

Ah, but that is in our current world of consequences. Example, a friend is a teacher. Recently, a girl pulled a knife on another girl and threatened to slice her neck. Punishment = 2 day suspension. He jokingly said if she would have killed her that would have up'ed it to a 4 day suspension. So when I was in school, knife = expulsion. Another example, a pregnant girl disappeared when I was in school and may or may not have returned due to shame. Now, again, my friend is a teacher and I could not believe it, but now, the class will often go en mass to the hospital after delivery to have a party for the young mother. Oh, and of course child care at the school. So we went from shame to be a pregnant high school girl to lets have a party, and I have my badge of honor. Guess what, more high school moms. Who would have thought?

Comment Re: So what should we do? (Score 1) 564

Umm if the power was off, how did you open the door? While you can open the door from the inside with the manual levers, you cannot open the door from the outside without power. You must use the key to unlock the hatch and then pull a cord to open the door. I imagine convertible vetts have a similar mechanism.

Comment Re:I don't understand technology anymore (Score 1) 75

I imagine it does some of the same stuff my new lennox one does. Health checks etc. Mine for example validates temp outside before kicking in the compressor to avoid destroying it. Also checks static pressures in air flow to check filter flow rate. Keeps track of any error codes thrown by other units (furnace, A/C, etc). And I imagine the trane is also like the lennox. Don't give it your wifi password and it will not go on the interwebs. I like the extra stuff my Tstat can do, but do not want it on the WAN/LAN, so I just don't set it up.

Comment Re:And wind .... (Score 1) 184

Agreed, I don't get it. Media is doing the equivalent of watching a train wreck and cannot stop. For example, adults would have asked trump to reconsider going to the iowa debate, and let him know if he failed to, no more invites to future debates. You don't want to play now, then there are consequences, no seat at the table next time. And then all the media spent forever discussing his no show. Again, then should have ignored his absence. Seriously does anyone know what he will do when he gets in office? Has he any polices except, I'm great, I'm winning by ALOT, they aren't very good and everyone knows it, Those people (mexican, muslim, women, ???) are murderers, rapists, ...

Comment Power? (Score 2) 120

No mention of power consumption. And as a guy who just dd a pool controller than used 7 GPIO + 4 analog ins, it would not fit the bill. And as a guy about to do an irrigation controller that needs 8 GPIO, again, no dice. I've been settling on beagleboard greens for my projects lately. Low power (2.5W) lots of GPIO, and analog in that is good enough. Raspberry would have worked for irrigation, but price is close, and had an extra beaglebone from initial order in case I blew one up when building the pool controller.

Comment Re:Deniers? (Score 1) 507

Me too. I've been playing with a new pool controller I built to replace the old one and added a couple more thermistors. I've been very surprised with how difficult it is to calibrate them. Getting accuracy to even one degree is not trivial. I ended up calibrating to ice water, because I really just want to make sure pumps are running below freezing. Even that was not easy as unless you stir continuously and fairly vigorously, the temp of the water is around 36 even though it is ice water in a styrofom cup. Then the other surprise was how just a couple of feet makes a difference in the temp. the probes register. All in all, I'm sure experts can do this pretty well now, but I seriously doubt 100 years ago the accuracy was very good. And just how often did they go out and check the measurement back in 1890?

Comment Can't even build a highway in 20 years (Score 2) 146

In my area, they can't build a highway in 20 years, how in the world will they build a "intelligent" one in 10? The cost of upgrading all the roads and cars in the US to this new V2V driverless world will be in the quintillions. Why not just go with the Jetsons prediction and we will all be in flying autonomous cars with a robotic maid for our every whim by 2025? Saves the cost of all that road buildout.

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