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Comment Missed my point (Score 1) 216

Government should subsidize when it is in the interest of its people. When these ports were first built, the US was a net exporter, so making shipping cheaper was a plus. Now we are a net importer, so we should no longer do this. Making foreign goods cheaper hurts domestic manufacturers. Sure goods may be cheaper, but if you have no one with a job to buy them, only the few benefit, with a long term detriment to your people.

Trucking and rail move both domestic and foreign goods, so less of an issue.

Comment Would make looking for a new job impossible (Score 1) 602

Exactly how would this work exactly boss (soon to be my ex-boss), I get a new job that forbids me from working for someone else. Now suntrust needs help and you want me to break the terms with my new employer who is paying me money so I can help you(suntrust)? I'll check with my new boss, but I think the answer will be no.

Comment Costs are hidden (Score 1) 216

I just saw a story on PBS that the port of jacksonville was trying to get tax dollars to pay to deepen the channel so bigger ships could come thru. They already are deepening the panama canal. This is all done with "free" money with respect to the shipper. If the shipping companies really want to have deeper channels, they should pay for them and increase the ship costs to the true unsubsidized cost. Imagine if I went to the government and asked for money to build a T-shirt factory. I'd get laughed at. But somehow the shipping companies have managed to convince us that we should collectively pay to export our jobs.

Comment androwish (Score 2) 66

I don't know how well their windows emulator works, but when emulators work they can be very helpful. I was trying to write a simple app for my nexus phone and started looking into it and found it was going to be overwhelming. But then I stumbled on androwish, a tcl/tk environment for android and found it trivial to write my app. So this was a case of a emulator/port saving substantial amounts of time.

Comment Likely parents as well (Score 2) 445

There is another factor which is completely left out, the parents and their culture. Note the article says whites and asians. I would argue a white or asian parent is more likely to push their kids towards getting good grades. My parents were pretty low income and yet we were expected to bring home good grades. No excuses. I certainly see higher incomes as having an advantage, but cultural norms are a factor as well. I don't know how you would fix cultural norms except by taking the kids away from the parents and adopt them into families with high educational expectations.

Comment Money should go towards (Score 1, Informative) 131

I've said before to underwhelming response, we need to spend on protecting this gorgeous planet of ours from big rocks coming at us. It has happened before, so instead of trying to get off this really nice planet on to a crappy cold rock, we should first make sure we can defend the nice home with air, water and food before trying to build on a long shot.

Comment Re:Way too lib (Score 2) 485

There was no holodeck on the original star trek. Vacations were rare for the main characters. Generally the whole ship took a vacation on vacation like planets. And there were many episodes that dealt with "money" and exploitation. Planets for mining like the one with the silicon based creature that was killing the miners, the one where there was a cloud society that was supported by the workers on the ground, Harvey Mudd and the tribles, which were sold for credits, and many more. Dilithium crystals in particular were very valuable and mined if I remember right.

Comment Re: Ban all NUKES NOW - accident waiting to happen (Score 1) 166

U-236 has a half life of 23 million years. To get down to a survival range, many half lives needed, at 10 half lives (230 million years, (1/1024 or about .1% of the current radiation levels) you'd still probably not be able to live in the area of the reactor. In the show, the reporter was very anxious to get out of the really hot spots like the old hospital. They were wearing protective clothing. Unprotected I think the kill time was about 5 minutes, so it was still very very hot. Keep in mind chernobyl was in the 80's so already 30 years later and still deadly areas exist outside of the reactor itself.

Comment Re: Ban all NUKES NOW - accident waiting to happen (Score 1) 166

There was an interesting frontline about chernobyl I saw. There is work going on there to build a new containment structure for the reactor. The old concrete jacket is wearing. The area is so "hot" that the new vessel must be built away from the old area and later will be craned over the old reactor. The thing they are building is massive. The theory is the new structure should hold it for another 100 years. Then they will do it again I guess. The thing will be hot for as long as we have a sun, I think they quoted 4 billion years this thing will need to be covered. It makes me rethink if nuclear is a good idea, given the fukashima thing may turn into the same problem. How many of these reactors can we have around the world that will need to be shielded until the end of times?

Comment Re:Its easier now (Score 2) 114

Or you can write and use a text editor for terminals. I redid the old Rand Editor and called it sre. I have the source on my website. Took awhile, but I use it for coding exclusively. I also have written over the past decade or so a integrated circuit layout editor that has a limited DRC/LVS along with a matching schematic editor. The performance of the layout editor exceeds that of the "big" guys. A solo programmer can do alot with the tools available.

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