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+ - How can open source compete with paradise?

Submitted by stabiesoft
stabiesoft (733417) writes "While vacationing in Wolfeboro, NH on the estate owned by former Microsoft Corp. executive Michael Appe,
French President Sarkozy had a tantrum with photographers. Hmm, first, birds of a feather comes to mind. But more importantly,
do you think having a little holiday in paradise may cloud Mr Sarkzy's view of Linux V Microsoft? p/index.html"

+ - Why are the children of conservatives so wild?

Submitted by stabiesoft
stabiesoft (733417) writes "I've noticed over the years the more conservative a household is, the wilder the kids. Here again, we have uber-conservative Scalia's daughter driving drunk with the kids. ap/index.html The Bush daughter's have been nailed, Jeb's daughter, the list goes on."

"Consequences, Schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich." -- "Ali Baba Bunny" [1957, Chuck Jones]