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Submission + - Linux development moving to Xen.org->

stabe writes: Xen.org is announcing that in order to increase collaboration and influence with other projects, they will be pursuing the merger of the Linux and Xen trees: 'The Linux kernel will move in its entirety into the Xen tree, and doing further development work through it. Keir Fraser, the lead developer for the Xen project, would pull from Linus himself and would have to approve all changes. Combining these two trees will bring the two communities closer together, making it easier for Linux developers to contribute to Xen and vice versa. Eventually it is going to foster innovation in virtualization and kernel development'. Read the rest of the announcement below.
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Submission + - Xen 4.2 has just been released->

LarsKurth writes: "Xen 4.2 has just been released: the culmination of 18 months and almost 2900 commits and almost 300K lines of code of development effort, by 124 individuals from 43 organizations (including AWS, AMD, Devise, Fujutsu, and many others). Topline features are: new toolstack, support for larger systems, improved security (developed by NSA), more documentation and better usability"
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The Almighty Buck

Game Developers On Gold Selling 424 424

Eurogamer has an article which takes a look at how various game companies deal with gold spammers in their games. Some, like Mythic, take a hard stance, literally telling farmers and sellers to "go to hell." Others engage in an arms race to block such behavior, sometimes to the detriment of normal users. "In fact, a former Jagex source tells me that when Jagex banned all IPs connected to gold selling, 'they lost 10 per cent of their membership, and still haven't recovered in terms of numbers since they did it two years ago. Even though they have almost stopped gold selling in RuneScape, it has cost them two million active accounts; i.e. there were four million players, there are now two million players, of which less than one million actually subscribe.'" Still more companies are experimenting with real money trading (RMT) to at least establish some control and security over the situation.

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