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Submission + - FreeBSD Developers Will Not Trust Chip-Based Encryption

srobert writes: An article at ars-technica details that following stories of NSA leaks, FreeBSD developers will not rely solely on Intel's or Via's chip-based random number generators for /dev/random values. The values will first be seeded through another randomization algorithm known as "Yarrow". The changes are effective with the upcoming FreeBSD 10.0 (for which the first of three planned release candidates became available last week).

Submission + - FreeBSD Instructional Videos

srobert writes: I found a large number of instructional videos covering FreeBSD installation,configuration, etc., have been recently posted on youtube by ComputerHelpDesks. I've watched several of them. They're very informative and cover a broad range of topics based on FreeBSD 8.x., but still mostly up-to-date information. Ideal for Linux or Windows users who might wish to explore FreeBSD.

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