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Comment: Libreoffice (Score 1) 324

by srobert (#48803083) Attached to: How To Hijack Your Own Windows System With Bundled Downloads

I can witness on open source not being immune. I recommended Libreoffice to a novice PC user recently. I don't know from where he downloaded the installer, but when he finished he had some redundant anti-virus programs, and another program that reset the home page of his web browser and wouldn't let him change it back.

Comment: Galileo? (Score 1) 681

by srobert (#48691125) Attached to: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains His Christmas Tweet

Actually, Galileo backed down at the end. He learned an important lesson. Never underestimate how frightened religious people are of their gods, prophets, clergy, etc. They would never say anything irreverent about any of their religious icons or deities. They are frightened that they will be held accountable for allowing anyone else in the world for disrespecting what they fear. Even today, there are people who would burn you at the stake or stone you to death for saying that Jesus was not the Messiah, or that Muhammad was not a prophet, etc.
They will react with real hostility to the notion that "Your sacred cow makes great hamburger".

Comment: Re:Statehood for England (Score 1) 360

by srobert (#48669561) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

Well my comment was sort of tongue-in-cheek. I just realized the actual event was in Scotland. Well, they could apply for statehood too I suppose.
Yes, amendments can be amended. But the 1st has been holding up nicely since 1791. We reserve the right to say offensive things because speech that isn't offensive to anyone doesn't need protection.

Lately, we seem to be having trouble keeping our 4th amendment. Some of us were hoping the world would notice and point it out, in the same way that you'd point out that your friend had a nasty bit of spinach in his teeth.

Comment: Re:touchpad issues (Score 1) 267

by srobert (#48438839) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?

If the problem was not being able to disable "tap-to-click", I had a similar problem. Eventually I stumbled onto a solution. I stopped messing with the synaptics driver and added 'moused_flags="-m 11=4"' to my rc.conf and let the touchpad be recognized as a PS/2. Voila, no more "tap-to-click".

Comment: Re:They worry too much (Score 1) 406

by srobert (#48142027) Attached to: Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated

"Really? They think people will be too interested playing Fruit Loop, or whatever it's called, to bother attempting to escape from an flaming aircraft?"
Yes really. In 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada, people were to interested in playing the slot machine in front of them to bother escaping from the MGM fire. Quite a few of them died.