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Comment: Re:I think the NY Times is wrong (Score 1) 122

by swillden (#48685221) Attached to: Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

Oops, I forgot to include the disclosure/disclaimer: I work for Google, but I don't speak for Google. They pay me to write code, not comment on privacy issues, and in fact they discourage me from making public comments about such things (though they stop short of telling me I can't, in most cases).

Comment: I think the NY Times is wrong (Score 1) 122

by swillden (#48685179) Attached to: Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

Looking at the actual text of the W3C doc, I think the author of the Times article got it wrong. The language defining "first party" does allow for multiple first parties on a page, but evaluation of "first partiness" is on an interaction-by-interaction basis. The idea is that if the user visiting slashdot, which happens to host Google ads, is actually intending to interact with Google on the slashdot page, then Google is a first party and can track the user. But clearly the user is not intending to interact with Google in that case, so Google could not track a user who had requested no tracking, and would have no advantage over smaller ad networks.

The exception would be if slashdot started putting Google+ "+1" or Facebook "Like" buttons on its articles. Then, by my reading of the text, the button provider would be allowed to track users who clicked on the relevant button. This would be an advantage over smaller ad networks, but it's one that already exists.

The terminology section of the doc makes all of this pretty clear, IMO.

A network interaction is a single HTTP request and its corresponding response(s): zero or more interim (1xx) responses and a single final (2xx-5xx) response.

A user action is a deliberate action by the user, via configuration, invocation, or selection, to initiate a network interaction. Selection of a link, submission of a form, and reloading a page are examples of user actions. User activity is any set of such user actions.

A party is a natural person, a legal entity, or a set of legal entities that share common owner(s), common controller(s), and a group identity that is easily discoverable by a user. Common branding or providing a list of affiliates that is available via a link from a resource where a party describes DNT practices are examples of ways to provide this discoverability.

With respect to a given user action, a first party is a party with which the user intends to interact, via one or more network interactions, as a result of making that action. Merely hovering over, muting, pausing, or closing a given piece of content does not constitute a user's intent to interact with another party.

In some cases, a resource on the Web will be jointly controlled by two or more distinct parties. Each of those parties is considered a first party if a user would reasonably expect to communicate with all of them when accessing that resource. For example, prominent co-branding on the resource might lead a user to expect that multiple parties are responsible for the content or functionality.

For any data collected as a result of one or more network interactions resulting from a user's action, a third party is any party other than that user, a first party for that user action, or a service provider acting on behalf of either that user or that first party.

A party collects data received in a network interaction if that data remains within the party’s control after the network interaction is complete.

A party uses data if the party processes the data for any purpose other than storage or merely forwarding it to another party.

A party shares data if it transfers or provides a copy of that data to any other party.

Comment: Re:Sly (Score 1) 396

by Rich0 (#48684657) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites gives free Class1 and is preinstalled in every modern browser

Great. And what does somebody do if they have a pre-heartbleed certificate from startssl? Last time I checked they charged to revoke a certificate, and as I understand it they won't let you issue a new certificate for a domain you already have one for. Thus, I imagine that MANY startssl sites are using potentially-compromised private keys.

Comment: Mission is not worthwhile (Score -1) 170

The mission is not worthwhile. It is the most phenominal waste of money in the name of science in human history. Its extravagant cost starves America's space program in its return to the moon. Worse it, the program aids Russia, enemy of the world. Deorbit ISS today!

Comment: Re:this report is inconsistent (Score 1) 127

by radtea (#48682039) Attached to: New Paper Claims Neutrino Is Likely a Faster-Than-Light Particle

This is a scientific paper being written for the author's peers, none of whom would ever misinterpret it. I've seen this issue come up in a couple of places where laypeople are confused by the language of physics.

This is not a problem with the language of physics: it is a problem with laypeople.

I'm all for clear scientific communication, but at the end of the day, communication is hard and worrying about how some random person on the 'Net might misinterpret a term you use every day in your professional work is just not a good use of anyone's precious attention.

When I write poetry I do so in a pretty technical way. If people don't appreciate that, sucks to be them, because they are not my audience. I'm the same way in scientific communication: I write for my peers, and everyone else does the same. Let the popular science authors do the translation. They need the work.

Comment: Re:Difficult to reconcile with SN 1987A (Score 2) 127

by radtea (#48682025) Attached to: New Paper Claims Neutrino Is Likely a Faster-Than-Light Particle

The primary difficulty here is going to be the same data that was really tought to reconcile with in the OPERA experiment, namely the data from SN 1987A.

I had the same thought, but it turns out not to be the case. Given the model he's working with, the neutrinos will be as much above the speed of light as they would have been below it if they had the same real mass (0.3 eV or something like that.)

For ~10 MeV neutrinos this gives gamma absurdly close to unity, and it's as impossible to distinguish neutrinos traveling just over c from ones traveling at c from ones traveling just under c.

The paper actually mentions SN1987A and talks a bit about the time resolution required.

Comment: Re:6:05 on average (Score 1) 152

by cascadingstylesheet (#48679427) Attached to: Boston Elementary, Middle Schools To Get a Longer Day

That short Wednesday is baffling. On the longer days mom and dad can maybe stagger their schedule so they can handle it if they've got flexible employers, but that 5-hour day just looks like a gift to the local after-school care programs.

Dang, I thought our school district pioneered it. They certainly are alone in our area doing it.

Yeah, it sucks. Supposedly it is to allow time for meetings, paperwork, administration, etc. That countless school districts everywhere get by without it apparently doesn't matter.

Then there's all the crazy time off ... every break is at least a day or three longer than when we were kids. WTH is "mid winter break"? Oh no, it's been a whole month or so since the two weeks off at Christmas. We need another break to get us by until Spring Break. Can't get too worn out before the three months off for summer.

The schools want to have parent level control over the kids, but certainly don't want to actually have to watch them all day, lol.

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