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Comment: Lenovo. (Score 5, Informative) 477

by squisher (#45527987) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Laptops For Fans Of Pre-Retina MacBook Pro?

I really like my Lenovo T-series laptop. Sure, it may not live up to the legendary build quality back when it was an IBM, but it is still pretty good. It has all the user replacement options that are standard, a good keyboard and screen. It's not getting an award for its looks, but well, who cares.

Comment: Re:+1 Article Troll (Score 5, Informative) 206

by squisher (#45458803) Attached to: Canonical Developer Warns About Banking With Linux Mint

While the article may not have very diplomatic wording, the essence is true: I installed Linux Mint about a year ago, and liked it. But I had to switch to a different distribution after a couple of months because there were virtually NO updates coming in at all. I'd say that Ubuntu updates like crazy, but no updates at all in several months makes it very likely that they just don't have enough manpower to provide such a service. And that does make your distribution vulnerable. My experience may be outdated, but I'd bet it's still the same given this article...

Comment: No Mantle for Xbox/PS (Score 1) 212

by squisher (#45254455) Attached to: AMD's Radeon R9 290X Review

> AMD/ATI also has introduced MANTLE Api for lower level access than DirectX which is cross platform. This may turn into a very important API as AMD/ATI have their GPUs in the next generation Sony and Xbox consoles as well with a large marketshare for game developers to target

I read somewhere that that's unfortunately not true; Mantle will not be available for the new Xbox or Playstation. My speculation is that Microsoft and Sony don't actually want to be THAT compatible as it would make porting too easy...

Comment: Re:Oh really? (Score 2, Interesting) 211

by squisher (#31159814) Attached to: Malicious Spam Jumps To 3B Messages Per Day

And I still see less then 1 per month in my Inbox.
_THIS_ is the price I am willing to pay to allow Google to filter my email.

I do agree that gmail's spam filter does not let much through, in truth, it is way too aggressive. Are you subscribed to mailing lists? Often it'll just tag some random message as spam. I've had various things end up in spam over the years, and really wonder how many landed in there that I never noticed (who checks their spam folder every couple of days?).

Recently I got very upset because I tried to sell something on craigslist, and sure enough, an offer ended up in spam. Of course I didn't check until a couple of days later, and by then the person wasn't interested any more. Since I'm going to start job hunting soon, I can't really afford the uncertainty the gmail spam filter introduces, and plan on moving my email elsewhere.

Comment: Hopefully with some AI version (Score 1) 173

by squisher (#28629573) Attached to: New RTS Based on DotA Offers Native Linux Client

I love DotA, and I would be so happy about a game based on the concept which has a native client. I'd hope though that it included some kind of AI script. And similarly, one great thing about DotA is that Icefrog updates the game every now and then, I wonder if they'd do a similar thing for HoN.

Comment: What languages? (Score 2, Informative) 1359

by squisher (#28491265) Attached to: Emigrating To a Freer Country?

Oh come on, if you're asking about this issue seriously, how can you omit what languages you speak?

If you only speak English, then your options are obviously limited, the English speaking countries are quickly enumerated.

Or, if you are willing to learn a language, then that is an important piece of the puzzle, isn't it?


+ - Intel to design PlayStation 4 GPU->

Submitted by JagsLive
JagsLive (1106379) writes "Intel will design PlayStation 4 GPU :

FOR THE NEXT next generation of consoles, PS4, XBox3 and Wii2, it looks like Intel is in, Nvidia is out. The picture for their GPUs is starting to become clear.

Some people hanging around the Sony booth at CES were nice enough to let us in on the scoop. It seems Nvidia has proverbially bent Sony over like they did MS on the XBox, and are not really welcome there any more. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys, either way, but hardly an unexpected outcome.

The nice Sony engineering lady at CES told us that Intel essentially bought the win, a theoretically good architecture, no imminent threats of going bust, and not being hated by Sony all contributed too. With a couple of deliverables satisfied, the PS4 GPU belongs to Intel. No word if this is going to be the entire architecture, CPU as well, or not. That, from what we are told, is not final yet.

Moving on to the the XBox3 GPU, also due in 2012, we hear strong rumors (but have not confirmed yet) that it is an ATI design. Given the close ties between ATI and MS over DirectX, the bad blood between Nvidia and MS over the grand Nvidia DX10 neutering, plus memories of the XBox1, this is not a surprise either. The bed was made for short-term profits years ago, time to lie in it. :"

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+ - Debian Installer Lenny release candidate 2->

Submitted by
andremachado writes "The Debian Installer Team is proud to announce the second release candidate of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Lenny.

We do need your help to find bugs, report them, and further improve the installer, so please try it.

Installation CDs and DVDs, other media, errata, and everything else you'll need are available from the Debian Installer web site.

The Debian Installer team thanks everybody who has contributed to this release.

Read the full announcement."

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+ - What to do with a hundred hard drives? 3

Submitted by
Makoto916 writes "In five years with my current employer as the IT administrator I've amassed a sizable cabinet of discarded hard drives; just shy of 100 in fact. All of the drives range in size from 20GB up to 300GB. They've all been stored in anti-stat bags and spot checks of even the oldest ones show that that most all of them still work. Individually they're mostly useless for our line of work which is digital video production. However, the collective storage potential is quite significant. They are of varying size and speeds, but the one commonality is they're all IDE.

In the Slashdot community's opinion, what is the best way to approach connecting all of these devices and realizing their storage potential? On a budget of course.

Now I'd never use such an array for critical data storage, but it certainly would be useful as a massive backup array to our existing SAN that does store critical data.

I have several spare and functioning PCs, but not nearly enough to utilize their internal IDE controllers; even with multiple add-in controllers it still wouldn't be enough. Not to mention the nightmare of managing a bunch of independent PCs.

I've looked into ATA Over Ethernet and there's a lot of potential there, but current 15 to 20 bay AoE cabinets are expensive and single device enclosures are so rare that they're also expensive. Are there any hardware hackers out there that have crafted their own home-brew AoE systems? Could they scale to 100 drives? Is there a better way?"
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+ - Has anyone gotten the GPL code for the Samsung TVs 2

Submitted by Daniel Lamblin
Daniel Lamblin (666) writes "When I got my Samsung LN-T3242H 32" 720P LCD HD TV It came with a copy of the GPL, and a statement saying that some software used in the product is covered by the GPL and other software by LGPL. There was also a USB port on the back from which new firmware could be loaded. This excited me and I emailed the address specified with a request for the code, and anything they were willing to give as documentation with it. I believe the GPL specifies that there must be a usable way to build the source too. Well, two requests later, I had no reply. I emailed a Samsung engineer formerly involved in GPL related work, and he forwarded my request to the right people. It seemed. The last I heard, and they did try to keep me updated, was that they're getting it together for me, I should have it soon, and they need to talk to people in Monta Vista. This was in October. I got the TV in June and made requests starting then.

Apparently several, if not all, Samsung TV models have a reference to using some GPL code. This goes back about to 2005, maybe more. Has anyone's request for the source been honored? I understand maybe my TV has slightly different code, and they may be using a VCS to find the right branch, but it would make me feel better knowing that this isn't a black-hole and that someone's actually gotten some code out of Samsung regarding their TV using GPL & LGPL.

PS edit as needed."

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