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Comment: Re:Zombies versus Predators (Score 1) 236

I personally have never killed anything larger than a bug in my life; I suspect a lot of other people haven't either. I've never had to, because there have always been other people who are willing to do those unpleasant tasks for me, in exchange for modest amounts of money.

You're safe; I'm sure in our dystopian zombie future, the phones will still need sanitizing.


Twitter Adds "Report Dox" Option 101

Posted by timothy
from the better-late-than-never dept.
AmiMoJo writes Twitter announced that its abuse-report system, which was recently refined to simplify and shorten the reporting process, has now expanded to allow users to report content such as self-harm incidents and "the sharing of private and confidential information" (aka doxing). The announcement, posted by Twitter Vice President of User Services Tina Bhatnagar, explained that December's report-process update was met with a "tripling" of the site's abuse support staff, which has led to a quintupling of abuse report processing. Chat logs recently revealed how Twitter is used by small groups to create vast harassment campaigns, thanks to sock puppet account and relative anonymity.

Microsoft's Goals For Their New Web Rendering Engine 166

Posted by Soulskill
from the learning-from-mistakes dept.
An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has put up a post about explaining what they wanted to accomplish when they started working on Project Spartan, the new web browser that will ship with Windows 10. They say some things you wouldn't expect to hear from Microsoft: "We needed a plan to make it easy for Web developers to build compatible sites regardless of which browser they develop first for. We needed a plan which ensured that our customers have a good experience regardless of whether they browse the head or tail of the Web. We needed a plan which gave enterprise customers a highly backward compatible browser regardless of how quickly we pushed forward with modern HTML5 features." They also explain how they decided against using WebKit so they wouldn't contribute to "a monoculture on the Web."

Comment: Tell a story of progress (Score 1) 698

Among the stories of your life, family and other things, also tell a story of progress. Tell of things that we enjoy today that didn't exist when you were a child. How did those things come to be?

I am very sorry to hear of your impending death and the pain it will bring to your family.

Maybe also tell a cautionary tale for when she is an adult. The world has had dark episodes of history before. And it could again, but on a much larger scale. What lessons can be learned from the past to prevent it happening again?

The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt 366

Posted by Soulskill
from the sunsetting-the-sun dept.
Lucas123 writes: Distributed rooftop solar is a threat not only to fossil fuel power generation, but also to the profits of monopolistic model of utilities. While the overall amount of electrical capacity represented by distributed solar power remains miniscule for now, it's quickly becoming one of leading sources of new energy deployment. As adoption grows, fossil fuel interests and utilities are succeeding in pushing anti-net metering legislation, which places surcharges on customers who deploy rooftop solar power and sell unused power back to their utility through the power grid. Other state legislation is aimed at reducing tax credits for households or businesses installing solar or allows utilities to buy back unused power at a reduced rate, while reselling it at the full retail price.

Comment: Re:New patent strategy (Score 2) 101

by Thud457 (#49128555) Attached to: Amazon Files Patent For Mobile 3D Printing Delivery Trucks
new patent = (existing process) x ["with a computer" | "on the internet" | "with a 3D printer" | "in a box" | "with a fox" | "via drone" | "in virtual reality" | "with methane micro-lasers" | "in an app" | "with more cowbell" | "with an AI" | "dipped in liquid nitrogen" | "using fiber optics" | "facilitated by nanobots" | "using MEMS" | "meme enhanced"]

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.