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Comment Re:And now we know... (Score 1) 184

I am not surprised. All MS so called UX design from 2013 and forward have been progressively worse. I hate the Office 2013 design. I could tolerate the 2010 because it at least had colors. Now it is just plain boring and hard to use because there is no colors and huge buttons that doesn't look like buttons.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

Terrible idea. That means that it will be harder to judge what your Internet will cost you.

Where I live, almost no one has that kind of variable price for electricity. The only one that does is big electricity users like companies. Almost all private persons has a fixed price for the electricity per kWh, like 0,4$â/kWh. I think that proves that most people don't like that kind of variable billing - they actually pay a bit more to avoid it.

Comment Re:Open or Close Blockchain (Score 1) 93

Best description of the problems with Bitcoins and the limit of 21 millions that it has ever (and that a great deal of the coins is actually missing).
The fact that you can divide a Bitcoin in smaller chunk doesn't really help when a great deal of the coins is already mined and owned by someone.
My guess is that you will be down moderated since you say things that the Bitcoin fan-boys don't want to hear...

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 2, Interesting) 320

We Europeans are getting extremely feed up with US of A starting wars and then expecting us to wipe up after them. You started the Iraq war. Where did the refugees come? Here. You started the invasion of Afghanistan. Where did the refugees come? Here. Every single time you start a wars, we pay the price with floods of refugees. You should really clean up your act. US never, every, takes its responsibility of the clean up. You never takes all the refugees. We are always the ones who have to make your work. USA took in about 232000 refugees last year. Sweden took over 100 000 with a population of 9 millions. United states is simply not doing its share. Fix this problem. Now.

Comment Re:Stop charging for checked bag (Score 1) 273

I would never ever check in my camera gear. That is simply to much risk and the insurance doesn't cover it - you would need to buy a special insurance for that and that would probably be very expensive since bags are frequently lost or even stolen.

We are talking about thousands of dollars of gears for any keen photographer so checking it is simply not an option. And it is not only the cost of the gear - you would loose photographic time to. If you travel somewhere with your gear, you are probably going to use it. If your gear is stolen or lost, that possibility is lot. Your planned photographing isn't going to happen - so that is also a lost value. And replacing the gear also takes time, you will in most cases need to order it and that will take weeks. That is also lost value. If you are a professional that could break you economically.

Comment Re:How is limiting your market protection? (Score 1) 57

I think the Romainan interest in Swedish movie is totally nonexistent. Your market is your cultural neighbors.

Swedish movie is interesting for Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. If it is unusually good (rare) then add Germany. I don't see any problems having one price for Swedish movies in these countries. Actually - us Swedes are the poorest of them. So we should do the complaining then.

Comment Re:History repeats itself (Score 1) 136

Sadly, that party is more or less non existent now.

When the Pirate Bay trail was over and media decided to push for the feminist party in the last elections combined with the extreme right wing going forward, not many voters was left for the Swedish pirate party.
They lost the European parliament election to the extreme right and the feminist party and they made an extremely bad national parliament election. I would call them dead by now...

Comment Re:Yeah, really? (Score 1) 228

The fission material on earth will last for hundreds of years if we start to process it instead of wasting it and storing it.

The only problem is starvation and overpopulation. And that is a problem mainly happening in third world so we have no way of solving it. That is the thing that will drag us all down. 4 billion can live comfortable on Earth. According to some UN figures we will be 20 billions in 2100 and then ALL will live in poverty.

Comment Re:Does money buy a cure for hubris? (Score 1) 441

And that is true for all rich humans. They simply are people who had luck. There is at least a million persons for each rich dude who is as intelligent and as hard working and who isn't rich - because he/she wasn't lucky. The rich needs to come down from their high horses and realize that they are not special. People who admire them should realize that they isn't special.

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