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Comment: Re:What a shock (Score 1) 409

by spyfrog (#48525905) Attached to: Is Chernobyl Still Dangerous? Was 60 Minutes Pushing Propaganda?

Are you sure that is the recent recommendation?
Where I live we got the highest doses of radiation in Western Europe because of the Chernobyl accident and all these recommendation off what not to each now have been lifted.
You are free to eat mushrooms, moose or whatever you like. The levels of radiation is now below recommendation in all foods.

Comment: Re:So a good match... (Score 1) 354

by spyfrog (#46085289) Attached to: New Russian Fighter Not Up To Western Standards

I strongly disagree.
Germany made numerous mistakes and they all mattered. Many of the was made by Hitler himself. A few examples:
*) The war was started prematurely, before the navy building program was finished - which meant that the German navy couldn't defeat the British navy.
*) Germany underestimated the power of the Royal Airforce and the importance of radar and lost the battle of Britain.
*) Germany grossly underestimated the Red Armys tank supply and infantry strength.
*) Germany grossly overestimated their own tanks quality and underestimated the russian tank quality and got their ass handed by the T-34
*) Germany didn't continue the development of the atomic bomb despite having a head start
*) Germany didn't in time used their early lead in jet fighter development
*) When Germany finally started to produce jet fighters so did Hitler ordered them to be converted to dive bombers - which they was totally useless as
*) Germany wasted precious resources on the costly and ineffective V2 weapon, resources that had been better been used for fighter production
*) Germany didn't produce a working SAM missile until late in the war despite one being developed early. Resources was instead wasted on the V2 project

This is only a few mistakes that Germany made and that all mattered.

Comment: Re:First astronauts to land in 2025 (Score 1) 216

by spyfrog (#45823159) Attached to: Mars One Selects Second Round Candidate Astronauts

This is also my objection to this whole enterprise.
If they manage to get perhaps 4-8 persons on Mars - when there is no more money in this who are going to pay for sending more food and oxygen to these persons? Or are they supposed to die there?
No, of course there will be a huge outcry and USA + EU + other western nations will be forced to pay for getting them home.

So thank you for wasting my taxes on a stunt..

Comment: Re:A bunch of someones didn't do the required read (Score 2) 564

by spyfrog (#45801185) Attached to: PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES

Of course it scares MS. If it didn't, why did they even release Win8 with the UI previously known as Metro?
The purpose of Metro is obviously to get a 30% share of all application sales - with Android Google gets this share and MS want it.

If the purpose was to make a mobile UI - why try to force it on desktop users? And why force developer to sell through MS? No, the only answer is that Metro is a land-grab for a 30% sale "tax" on all applications. MS could prove this wrong by simply allowing third party installs with Metro apps but they don't do that.

Comment: Re:Android??? Why not Chrome OS.... (Score 1) 564

by spyfrog (#45801117) Attached to: PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES

Chrome OS isn't really a desktop OS either. Chrome OS is the current incarnation of the dumb terminal (I know that there is local processing but the purpose is locking you up to Googles servers and services). Chrome OS is a tool for locking your data in with Google. That is even worse than MS locking in your desktop - at least you control your data there. In Chrome OS you control neither. They have to pay ME for get me to use one.

Comment: Re:South Korea doesn't seem to care or notice. (Score 1) 263

by spyfrog (#45240079) Attached to: F-Secure's Hypponen: The Internet Is a 'US Colony'

Oh please. I am sick and tired of hearing of referral to the "jante law". It simply isn't true in most of Europe anymore. What is true is that there is less capital for starting businesses and consumers that doesn't choose a local alternative - they will choose the American mega corp instead.

Comment: Re: Bullshit we won't notice (Score 3, Insightful) 466

by spyfrog (#45169523) Attached to: Redesigned Seats Let Airlines Squeeze In More Passengers
A business class option? Do you really mean that we tall guys should pay about twice for a ticket? Why isn't there an a bit more expensive option with more legroom without the bloated price of business class. Also - on many flights so isn't business class any more legroom. They might be wider but often no more legroom

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