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+ - Cryptography to be export-controlled again, now under Wassenaar Arrangement?-> 1

Submitted by spuk
spuk writes: Apparently, the 41 states signatory of the Wassenaar Arrangement, lead by the UK, are planning to try to control international negotiation of cryptography and other security related software (particularly "deep package inspection" software). Such software would be treated and internationally regulated as weapons.
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Comment: Support for lame developers (Score 1) 227

by spuk (#42757833) Attached to: Microsoft Embraces Git For Development Tools

The main reason developers wanted TFS where I worked were 2:
* locking files, the most dumb (VSS) way, so other developers wouldn't change files someone else was already changing...
* the "shelf", i.e. to be able to backup current code to the server without it going into the main development branch...

In other words, they wanted TFS because of its support for lame developers, not because of the cool features...

Comment: Re:Precedents? (Score 1) 202

by spuk (#31244288) Attached to: Delicious Details of Open Source Court Victory

So, lessons learned:
- never use a license which has not been court-tested or at least written by a lawyer
- never try to get creative about licenses
- always ask for donations on your project website
- everything coming from Larry Wall sucks

I guess it's hard to say "I do have economic interest in the software now that someone else is making money out of it".

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