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Comment: Re:Uh, unless you're a programmer... (Score 3, Interesting) 766

by sproot (#35894594) Attached to: Microsoft Counts Down To XP Death
You missed 95, 98, ME, 2000 and Vista off. Wouldn't make such a convincing argument then, would it?
XP has been supported for so long because they couldn't offer anything better so their customers (read corporates) insisted on them doing so. Being unable to get Vista/7 to run on Netbooks didn't help them either.

Comment: Re:"overselling" it (Score 1) 220

by sproot (#35417844) Attached to: Virgin Media UK Begins Throttling P2P Traffic
Except that they're a BT reseller, so your service is dependent on a third party, they subscribe to the IWF, so your service is filtered, and their FUP lists all the ways they don't allow you to use the service, for example spamming.
I have no problem with them, I'm with a similar BT reseller, but don't delude yourself about what you're getting.

+ - How to act like Microsoft? Get sued over Java... 1

Submitted by chaboud
chaboud writes: Like a blast from Microsoft's past, Java's new keepers at Oracle have filed what will probably end up being an unfashionably out-of-style double-breasted lawsuit over Google's use of Java in Android, throwing in all of the usual sweet legal nothings, such as "willful," "injunction," and "damages." I wish someone had told me earlier that the way to make money off of software was to stand around with a law degree.

+ - Oracle sues Google for patent infringement->

Submitted by bit4byte
bit4byte writes: Various sources are reporting the Oracle is sueing Google for patent infringement on the Andriod paltform.
This mainly resovolves around Java and patents that Oracle America now owns due to the purchance of Sun Microsystems.
Here is a link to the actual complaint:

Link to Original Source

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