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Mentioned in the FAQ:

For the lazy:

Why is The Linux Foundation the right forum for this funding?

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit organization with strong, existing relationship throughout the technology industry. It marshals the resources of the Linux ecosystem and other innovative open source projects to provide much needed services that are not easily offered by a single community member, entity or company. By raising funds at a neutral organization like The Linux Foundation, the industry can effectively give projects the support they need while ensuring that open source projects retain their independence and community-based dynamism.

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by sproketboy (#46570009) Attached to: Java 8 Officially Released

"cutting the number of needed interlinking systems and technology down to a bare minimum"

Yeah that's the beauty of Java. In our company they use a lot of .NET and many of the teams gave up on moving things to 64 bit. For us with Java we were done in a week.

"One of the producers and the lighting guy (Gaffer). One new episode out this past Dec 31st, and another coming soon (once we manage the daunting task of color correcting from the original raw footage)."

Very cool! I wrote a script a long while ago which you might like (or find a use for).

It's a next-gen script but could be adapted. It's got good pacing and it's an easy read. :)

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