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Comment: Re:Cher gouvernement (Score 1) 237

Embarrassed are we? You see that's the problem with Quebec: you're just a bunch of isolationists. What needs to happen is for Montreal to request provincial status and walk away. It's win-win. Quebec gets to be left alone as a have-not province getting transfer payments (as it does now) from the tax dollars of ALL Canadians and Montreal gets to be a vibrant city again.

Comment: Re:Aren't all (but one) popular languages like thi (Score 1) 757

by sproketboy (#49232119) Attached to: Was Linus Torvalds Right About C++ Being So Wrong?

>> I can't think of any mainstream language except for C that doesn't suffer from the "dialect" problem to some extent.

Java because it doesn't have a pre-processor - which is a very good thing. People may style the language differently but everything is still just Java. I can't redefine the language semantics like C.

Look at Objective C. It's just an API with a bunch of pre-processor directives to make the language look different. I can't think of another language except C++ which has such a severe "dialect" problem as C.

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