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Comment: Trust google code again? No. (Score 4, Interesting) 44 44

A while back I wanted to add a patch to an open source project that had been hosted on sourceforge and the dev had moved it to google code. After 6 months of him not replying to my request to patch his library (and showing no activity at all) I contacted both sourcforge and google code about taking over the project.

Sourceforge put me on a 3 month waiting list while they attempted to contact the original dev. Google simply gave me admin rights to his project THE NEXT DAY. Needless to say the dev contacted me soon after. If I had been an asshole I could have locked him out completely and PWNED his project. I was nice and let him have admin rights again.

That's why I like Sourceforge. Hosting code is their business so they take it seriously. Google? They're just an advertising company.

+ - 1980s computer controls GRPS heat and AC->

sproketboy writes: A 30-year-old computer that has run day and night for decades is what controls the heat and air conditioning at 19 Grand Rapids Public Schools.

The Commodore Amiga was new to GRPS in the early 1980s and it has been working tirelessly ever since. GRPS Maintenance Supervisor Tim Hopkins said that the computer was purchased with money from an energy bond in the 1980s. It replaced a computer that was “about the size of a refrigerator.”

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Comment: Re:i was just thinking... (Score 1) 246 246

Anything is better than JavaScript. The world would be a much better place with something like TypeScript but children don't want to play in the same sandbox together so we're stuck with this until Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla grow up and start working together.

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