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Comment: Re:You're forgetting about radiation (Score 1) 542

by splerdu (#35781348) Attached to: Forget Space Travel, It's Just a Dream

It'd eventually become less lethal when/if we start spending more time in space (or near nuclear reactors) to evolve against the increased radiation. Cockroaches and insects are surprisingly hardy against radiation. And there are certain earthworms that evolved to become arsenic resistant.

It could be that our lack of exposure to radiation is what's preventing us from evolving biologically to become better-suited as a space-faring species.

Comment: Re:Ok, what? (Score 1) 101

by splerdu (#35191164) Attached to: NESBot: Tool Assisted Speedrun On Real Hardware

You can do that by hand. I could back in the day, but only for some places like when I just barely miss a ledge and walljump back up.
The trick is to hit Mario's foot on the 16th pixel of the block, and jump immediately after touching it.

It's kinda the same for passing through (breakable) walls, except this time you hit mario's head on the upper block to cause his body to get bumped into the wall.

It's easy as big mario, try for yourself on 4-2 near the start where there's a huge corridor with breakable blocks above you. Break two blocks in a line, then scroll the screen to the right until the area you broke is partially off-screen to the left. Jump into it while crouching, and if you do it right you'll get stuck in the wall, with the unbroken third block covering where your head would be. Release crouch, and this puts your head in the block, causing the hitbox detection to push you into the wall. You can walk throught he wall afterwards.

Comment: Possibly Related (Score 1) 832

by splerdu (#35115284) Attached to: Bill Gates Says Anti-Vaccine Effort Kills Children

Yes this is a repost, and it's not quite the same as a pre-infection vaccine, but Dr. Goldacre has had to deal with the same BS from Mathias Rath attacking the use of antiretroviral drugs and instead proposing to treat HIV/AIDS with vitamins. There is a lot of crazy going on in the world.


Comment: Re:Firefox = not very good for corporate. (Score 1) 193

by splerdu (#34950814) Attached to: Australian Government Denies Microsoft Bias In OOXML Choice

I meant when you're logged on as the same user into more than one session, FF won't start and quits with the "Firefox is already running but isn't responding" warning. It's not uncommon to have an administrator account logged on to the same machine using two different remote desktop sessions.

Comment: Firefox = not very good for corporate. (Score 2) 193

by splerdu (#34948784) Attached to: Australian Government Denies Microsoft Bias In OOXML Choice

Didn't have an MSI installer or GPO support for years on end,
has bad support for multiple instances (if you are running more than one session on the same machine, firefox won't even launch)
can't administer settings remotely, or lock down settings pages based on user rights.

Firefox is great browser, but it's very difficult to deploy and administer to a large corporate environment.
The recently added MSI installer is a step in the right direction, but there's still some ways for Firefox to go before it can really break into corporate.

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