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Comment: Re:History of OpenSourcing SF.net (Score 2) 58

by sphix42 (#35448386) Attached to: SourceForge Open-Sources Their Platform Software

You forgot to mention that when SF decided to close source their application they took the source code as-is and stole all the work open source developers like myself had contributed to the project. I had started contributing heavily just before they took the source and called it theirs with no reimbursement or acknowledgment to developers like me.

For me SF has no credibility.

Comment: Re:Precisely. (Score 1) 597

by sphix42 (#30538482) Attached to: Why Coder Pay Isn't Proportional To Productivity

That 'hatching period' isn't employed by many coders and the result is a product which isn't thought-through. I always take time for a nap and an episode of Futurama whenever I get tasked with a new project. Finding the right solution, using whatever path works best for you, is the primary goal of programming.

It's funny.  Laugh.

XKCD Invited To New Yorker "Cartoon-Off" 231

Posted by kdawson
from the no-raptors dept.
UnknowingFool writes "Farley Katz, who draws for New Yorker magazine, ran into xkcd.com's Randall Munroe in a grocery store. He challenged Munroe to a cartoon-off — each cartoonist to produce drawings about the Internet as envisioned by the elderly, String Theory, 1999, and one's favorite animal eating one's favorite food. In the ensuing short interview, Munroe describes XKCD as 'a webcomic about stick figures who do math, play with staple guns, mess around on the Internet, and have lots of sex. It's about three-fourths autobiographical.'"

+ - etree tounge lashes the Llama->

Submitted by
Tom A
Tom A writes "etree.org pioneered the standards for distributing lossless audio online. Years later Archive.org informed the community it's services will be used to host the same music and Jon Aizen used etree as the collection's name. Now, fed up with repeatedly ignored requests, etree's head head, a long time volunteer, demands the Internet Archive stop all use of etree in it's collections."
Link to Original Source

+ - The end of Futures in Nature

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It is a sad day for procrastinators and other researchers worlwide, as Nature magazine announced this week that it is ending its Futures series. For several years now, that one pages sci-fi story at the end of Nature served a reminder of why all of us (scientists) are in this business. And for a gradute student like myself, it was often that little thing that made the difference between going to sleep and glancing over the last issue of Nature.
I invite everyone read my favorite "Future"(subscription or university connection required):
Ivory Tower"

+ - Checkmate for Bluetooth-Enabled Chess Sensation

Submitted by
theodp writes "Young Umakant Sharma was an Indian chess sensation who possessed a seemingly uncanny ability to give trouble to all his higher rated opponents. But Sharma was banned Tuesday from competition for 10 years after being caught using a Bluetooth headset sewn into a cap to get help from accomplices who relayed computer chess program moves to him via the headset."

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