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Comment: Re:History of OpenSourcing (Score 2) 58

by sphix42 (#35448386) Attached to: SourceForge Open-Sources Their Platform Software

You forgot to mention that when SF decided to close source their application they took the source code as-is and stole all the work open source developers like myself had contributed to the project. I had started contributing heavily just before they took the source and called it theirs with no reimbursement or acknowledgment to developers like me.

For me SF has no credibility.

Comment: Re:Precisely. (Score 1) 597

by sphix42 (#30538482) Attached to: Why Coder Pay Isn't Proportional To Productivity

That 'hatching period' isn't employed by many coders and the result is a product which isn't thought-through. I always take time for a nap and an episode of Futurama whenever I get tasked with a new project. Finding the right solution, using whatever path works best for you, is the primary goal of programming.


+ - The end of Futures in Nature

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It is a sad day for procrastinators and other researchers worlwide, as Nature magazine announced this week that it is ending its Futures series. For several years now, that one pages sci-fi story at the end of Nature served a reminder of why all of us (scientists) are in this business. And for a gradute student like myself, it was often that little thing that made the difference between going to sleep and glancing over the last issue of Nature.
I invite everyone read my favorite "Future"(subscription or university connection required):
Ivory Tower"

+ - Checkmate for Bluetooth-Enabled Chess Sensation

Submitted by
theodp writes "Young Umakant Sharma was an Indian chess sensation who possessed a seemingly uncanny ability to give trouble to all his higher rated opponents. But Sharma was banned Tuesday from competition for 10 years after being caught using a Bluetooth headset sewn into a cap to get help from accomplices who relayed computer chess program moves to him via the headset."

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