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Comment: Re:And, the hell with any expectations... (Score 1) 412 412

Perhaps in business, good "managers" do. I don't know. I'm working in a boys' club at the moment. Perhaps it is a different standard in science, requiring something like "excellence" as opposed to simple productivity. Personally, I take more issue with slowing science than I do with capitalism. (Though the good lord knows there are some miserable folk leading science programs, to be sure!)

Comment: How is paying a blackmailer not illegal? (Score 1) 510 510

Isn't that making oneself an accessory to a crime or something? Isn't there some necessity to report a known criminal activity?

And does anyone have any specific details about what is preventing prosecution of the sex crime? Is it that the victim is uncooperative?

Comment: I think he is mainly right. (Score 1) 234 234

It seems a bit unfortunate not to try to expose students to the main store of human knowledge, but maybe that just isn't practical anymore.

My old college liked the adage: "learning how to learn". Perhaps if students are taught basic research and problem solving, they will be able to investigate other/general topics as needed or desired.

Comment: Honestly, I think the "challenges" you are... (Score 1) 271 271

...facing are a lot of hype. The age factor is a lot of hype and the new languages are a lot of hype. Anyone who has good core programming skill (of any flavor) is still going to have to address (on a new job) finding themselves in a wilderness of complexity. Anyone who can dig in and eat fire will always find a place, and the only path to this is experience. (There goes the age factor.) (Think of a steel blade tempered in a fire.)

Comment: Counter-intuitive as it seems, the main reason... (Score 1) 429 429

...that I'm aware of that corporate likes younger developers is because they're green and can be pushed around. On the face of it you would think this strategy somewhat limiting (i.e. what about talent, ability, etc.?), but that seems to be what feeds the captain's cat! :)

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