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Comment Well, yeah, duh, because they can! (Score 1) 477

What are the others supposed to do, throw water balloons? Basically, this just means nine times more capable. Guess we should be glad there are less engineers in the world! :) Though, perhaps, non-engineers (i.e. less fulfilling lives, lower earnings, etc) would be more like to become terrorists than engineers, WERE THEY CAPABLE!

Comment If this is substantively as it sounds,... (Score 1) 305

...I think it is one of the most bloody f-g amazing things I have heard in a good long while.

Previously I have seen the AMA as being definitely part of the problem (and maybe this is just damage control in the face of Obamacare, etc?), and their (medical) side being part of the problem is much, MUCH worse than all of the business elements which are (e.g. insurance, pharmaceutics, etc.).

Comment Re:Just Moral Panic: They're taking our jobs!!! (Score 1) 331

I can't tell you how many people we've had apply for web development jobs who think that knowing DreamWeaver and Photoshop makes them qualified!

If that is true, either you must not have read their resume, or else you have a moral obligation to shred them for sending a fallacious one. Someone in that scenario deserves a serious upbraiding.

Comment The main reason Playboy became outmoded was not (Score 1) 200

...because of the internet. It was because it (somewhat prudish, overly hyped, plasticy models/photographs) failed to keep pace with the actual SEXUALITY provided elsewhere, whether print or digital. Worse, their type of stuff became iconic, somewhat supplanting natural/living sexuality, and further confusing the already sexually embattled American male.

Comment Re:uh no (Score 1) 1291

Damn, sure wish I had some mod points to give for "neck tatoos". Hopefully someone will soon provide the missing one. One of the funniest damn statements I've read in a while. No wonder you're at the poverty line with an attitude like that! Seriously, though, hang in there. You are right. I had a similar experience, and though not yet in heaven, I am INTACT and doing incrementally better! :)

Basically (for now), if you have a kid you can't support, and you want welfare, you agree to be sterilized. You get something, you give something in return. That's just the way it goes!

Comment Re:Internet Autism (Score 1) 131

I think your obsevations are true. I think people are attracted to the autistic and naturally, subconsciously desire to emulate them, because they seem courageous in their isolation, as though one "going it alone". Thus, it is more complex (and laudable) than the simple hypochondriac's "hmm, that sounds like me!"

Comment Re:And, the hell with any expectations... (Score 1) 412

Perhaps in business, good "managers" do. I don't know. I'm working in a boys' club at the moment. Perhaps it is a different standard in science, requiring something like "excellence" as opposed to simple productivity. Personally, I take more issue with slowing science than I do with capitalism. (Though the good lord knows there are some miserable folk leading science programs, to be sure!)

The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made. -- Jean Giraudoux