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Comment: How to judge "real" Thai food (Score 2) 67

by HnT (#48026749) Attached to: Robotic Taster Will Judge 'Real Thai Food'

It's a given that Thai food is amongst the most delicious cuisines in the world so you only need to find the right place to eat! These two simple points should help:

1. Are you in Thailand? Many places around the world come close but it's never quite the same.

2. Is it packed full with locals with just enough space to squeeze in? If the place is packed full you can be sure it is great and this goes for small food stalls just as much as for nice restaurants! Thai people are passionate about food and eat out a lot so the good places will be very full; better stay away from the empty ones.

This is all you really need and you can be 98% certain before even having tried the food! chok dee krub!

Comment: PhD is not a job but a research qualification (Score 1) 471

by HnT (#47977491) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?

Congratulations on completing your PhD but boy do I have bad news for you... a PhD is not really a job qualification but actually supposed to be your entry into the world of academic research, so in a way you spent the last 6 years working hard towards a research career and now you are applying for a totally different kind of work. Most IT related work absolutely does not need even close to PhD-style research and data gathering, it needs people acting fast and pressing the one right button from years of practical experience so your academic research qualification of thoroughly analysing a completely unknown, really new problem is hardly ever needed.

Unfortunately this seems to be something many PhD candidates are forgetting and of course the universities will happily have you doing endless hours of very low paid work until they finally allow you your PhD and for some reason the media makes it seem as if every last one of us needs minimum two PhDs to even flip burgers but the real world works differently and it is about working experience and having a good network and a good reputation.

Comment: Re:iPad 3 (Score 1) 504

by HnT (#47959995) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

I notice that iBooks rather frequently hangs when scrolling through the text while reading. I am in night mode and the font is at the smallest possible size, it is AFeastforCrows bought on iTunes, so there is a lot of text visible on the screen and every 4 or 5 pages or so there is a small "hiccup" where it suddenly hangs while slowly scrolling... then continues. That's on my iPad3. It is there on the iPhone5s too but the hang is much shorter, so it's barely noticeable but it is there.

All of a sudden it has become a lot harder to swipe-up the system controls or swipe-down the notifications overview while reading, too.

Comment: Honest question: why? (Score 1) 286

by HnT (#47943899) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?

I used to love running my own Linux gateway box in the 90s and was proud as can be of it's uptime and for a while I was leading the eggdrop-bot uptime stats, so I completely understand the fascination of fiddling around on servers as a hobby. Still, I got to ask: why would anyone want to spend all that money to install a data center in their garage and what are you people using it for? There is only so much you can really do and your home data-center needs will typically be ridiculously small and won't go far above needing some storage and backup.

I cannot imagine a single use that would warrant shelling out that much money for the gear and electricity. If you want to teach yourself the skills, fine, I can see that point but you do not need two or three full racks and blade servers for that. If I really needed so many servers for test runs of an application, well you could just rent a couple of nodes on S3 or some other virtualization service and only switch them on when you really need them. It would cost much less, be more reliable and you could actually focus on getting your work done - instead of spending all that time maintaining all this junk in your basement.

So, enthusiasts, please tell me: why and what do you use it for?

Comment: Portal, South Park Stick of Truth, Monkey Island.. (Score 2) 382

by HnT (#47779443) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

SouthPark Stick of Truth
Monkey Island 1+2 (+3)
HalfLife (Source), Opposing Force, HalfLife2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Unreal Tournament '99
Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake2, Quake3Arena
Splinter Cell and/or Thief
Sam & Max
Neverwinter Nights
Gianna Sisters

Comment: Brace yourselves for mandatory fine arts majors! (Score 1) 120

by HnT (#47765053) Attached to: The Grumpy Programmer has Advice for Young Computer Workers (Video)

So next to your CS degree you are going to need a fine arts major and better be a published author, recognized composer or important contemporary painter on top of 50+ years of working experience in a technology that's been around for 5 years oh and please do not be older than 25 because we all know from your 30s it is downhill, you cost 300 times "too much", experience doesn't mean anything and your are "not flexible".

It is becoming absolutely ridiculous what people seem to think a "real programmer" should have in terms of traits or characteristics and qualifications, and blogs like these add to the quaint conception. How about you HR drones pick a decent, common sense guy with roughly the qualifications regardless of age and establish a good working environment where you are making sure you train people and enable them to do a good job and grow in their knowledge and skill instead of looking for the one "rockstars" to save your death-march project, the "rockstar" whom you are going to pay a shamefully low salaries?

Comment: Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 5, Insightful) 253

by HnT (#47480849) Attached to: New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

Note that the article talks about a TREATMENT and not a CURE. Your diet and workout regime is also a TREATMENT and not a CURE. As it stands now Type2 can go into remission which usually means your GP will take you off of your meds and people think they are "cured" when actually they are not cured, their condition is just in remission and like your account vividly displays: it can quickly flare up again.

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