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Comment Re:Okay... (Score 4, Informative) 198

How about Assange himself to Democracy Now!?

JULIAN ASSANGE: He was in Moscow. And then we looked for, well, how can we get him out of Moscow without a diplomatic—sorry, without a passport? Because the airplanes won’t take him, commercial airliners won’t take him. And we noticed that there was an oil conference in Moscow, and President Maduro was going to be there, amongst other presidents. And one of those other presidents was President Evo Morales. Now, we then reached out our feelers to Maduro, who had already given an informal, and maybe even by that stage public, offer of asylum to Snowden. But we decided that because there was so much surveillance, that in this communication our code word for "Maduro" would be "Morales," because he was so surveilled. And we had lawyers involved, and non-technical people who couldn’t really communicate themselves. And then Evo made a joke, while he was in Russia at this oil conference. President Evo Morales joked that—at the end of an interview, he said, well, he was off to meet Snowden now. It was just a joke.

Anyway, these things seemed to have combined, the interceptions of us and this joke by Morales. And the U.S. intelligence services put two and two together and made 22, and decided that they then had to expend vast amounts of political capital, ringing up the countries of Western Europe and trying to close their airspace to a presidential jet flight from Evo Morales, which they did. And Spain, France and Portugal closed their airspace, incredibly, to a presidential jet flight, because U.S. intelligence had asked them to, and done so without any legal or administrative process. And then the Morales flight took off and tried to go into its overflight path to refuel in the Canary Islands, to go off to Bolivia. They couldn’t do so because the airspace had been closed, and it was forced to land in Vienna. And then there was a 12-hour process, where President Morales was stuck in the airport waiting lounge of Vienna because he couldn’t get the clearance anywhere else. Now, a presidential jet is protected under the Vienna Convention. That’s the convention that in fact protects me in this embassy. It surrounds diplomatic territory. And presidential jets are listed as diplomatic territory. So you had a violation, enormous violation, of the Vienna Convention in Vienna.

Now, this really sealed Edward Snowden’s successful asylum application, when eventually it became clear it was too dangerous to take any other option, in Russia, because what could be the Russian response to this downing of President Evo Morales’s flight? The only response that they could give to seem like a credible country is that if he asks for—if Snowden asks for asylum, then they would accept the asylum request. And that’s what ended up happening. So this incredible diplomatic own goal led to this bullying of Western Europe, which provided the ultimate proof that Edward Snowden was being politically persecuted, which is what ended up giving him asylu

Comment Re:I can see a glimpse Microsoft's vision (Score 1) 125

MS can't get sleep mode working on their own surface book, much less windows updates. The thought of full stack windows, services, and malware on a phone is hardly compelling. Digital convergence is nice if it works. I'd rather MS got their legacy shit working properly, and then built continuum. for now it is MS worrying about mobile and making their core OS worse, and increasingly locked into MS services. Luckily we get to watch them make the desktop worse in order to make the continuum feature available for the 1% of the world still excited about the shit they sell.

Comment Re:This is new, and somehow patriotic sounding... (Score 1) 291

The fact here though is that this douche nozzle is just a DA. According to the website: the responsibility of the Manhattan DA is:

The District Attorney's Office represents the People of the State of New York in bringing charges against a suspect in a court of law. The New York County District Attorney's Office has the responsibility and authority to investigate and prosecute crimes in the borough of Manhattan.

His role is to represent the people. In this instance he is not representing the people or prosecuting. He is just furthering an agenda.

Comment Re:The concept is not that difficult (Score 1) 223

So in the modern world of "you don't own the machine or software" you merely license it, this would mean ms and apple can look at your machine at any moment since you don't and cannot own it? If ownership of what you bought was a right, then perhaps what you are suggest might make sense. But these days there is precious a citizen can and does own.

Comment Re:I'm not convinced. (Score 1) 397

Google driverless cars are already using lidar/radar and sonar and cameras as well as gps etc. saying they can't work at night is decidedly untrue. A heavy snowstorm isn't an issue because of risibility it is a result of non standard traffic patterns etc that might emerge. Google is using lidar already on these vehicles. To be honest, the driverless car piece is likely not their main focus. It is the free time that people can use google services in during commutes alongside the ability to map areas using lidar for an improved 3d google earth.maps experience. Their drones/delivery service is more about data collection than delivering diapers to families.

Comment Re:I'm not convinced. (Score 3, Informative) 397

Fucking google car's sensors can't see in the dark or in the rain....

Which Google sensor" can't see in the rain? You are saying that radar, and sonar and LIDAR aren't able to see in the dark? I've used all three with full success in darkness. Please stop talking out of your ass. If you think Google's driverless cars use a single sensor then why are you wasting peoples time here?

Comment Re:Why not just lock down the radio portion? (Score 1) 144

i would prefer that the power that be don't have a black box sitting on my network.I guess it will turn me into a scofflaw, as they try to further restrict my right to control my own devices. If I am causing radio interference it will be easily remedied on the local level. Who needs black boxes and a government telling me i can't run my own devices how i see fit.

Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 0) 1165

The fact that suicide is listed as a homicide (The largest rate of gun violence in America is self inflicted), the rates would be shifted to other forms of violence. Do you think that suicides would magically cease because there were no guns? People wanting to die, is a sad problem, simplistic knee jerk nickelodeon responses like "make all guns disappear and we will all be friends" are naive at best, but more likely disingenuous and deliberately misinformed.

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