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Comment: Re:Doublethink (Score 1) 675

by spacepimp (#49536575) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

The very rhetoric the American politicians used about the evil russian empire is that they surveilled their citizens. spied on journalists, actively suppressed the ability for their citizens to dissent.

This is the exact America we have now. Anyone who can claim to remember that era, yet conveniently capable of forgetting why Russia was bad, does not actually remember a damn thing. Also the Church Committee was still quite recent where the clear abuses of government and intelligence agencies was piled high upon the morass that was the Vietnam war which Ellsberg clearly dismantled for the propaganda it was. Anyone today who lived through that era, who can claim Snowden is the bad guy here, didn't understand it then, and doesn't understand it now.

Comment: Its called math (Score 1) 626

Take out the ambiguities of linguistics and you need to remove the ability for it to evolve. The perfect language you seek is math. The issue is the limit of what it can honestly convey.

Look at Esperanto and the wide adoption it has amassed over the last 50 years. Follow their successfukl formula and you should have something less universal than pig latin. With universal translators, the need of a universal language is falling out of necessity more rapidly than adopting a new one for the world will be able to outpace.

Comment: Re:Too many pixels = slooooooow (Score 0) 263

by spacepimp (#49417289) Attached to: LG Accidentally Leaks Apple iMac 8K Is Coming Later This Year

You can go ahead and do this. Just realize that there is no way that this will be handled well by an iMac with intel based GPU and RAM on a base model likely starting at about half whatever logic would tell you it should. iPad's with Retina on the first gen got burned, as they were under powered. MacBook Pro Retina's under powered on the first gen, and now this. Early adopters will pay dearly for adopting 8k with such pedestrian hardware specs.

Comment: Re:Well no shit! (Score 1) 232

by spacepimp (#49304851) Attached to: FTC: Google Altered Search Results For Profit

I went to pull up a link, and it seems as they changed this in the latest release of iOS (8.1) . As for using a limited subset of javascript that was quite old, while using a different set for Safari, didn't have any other browser on the same playing field, or responsiveness or capabilities.

I could give a toss what you think, and this information is publicly available. Don't be a ponce limey.

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