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Portables (Apple)

+ - Smooth Open Street Maps for the iPhone

Submitted by detrow
detrow (1432327) writes "A number of projects are working on bringing a smooth Open Street Maps Viewer to the iPhone. Where smooth means, as smooth as the Google Maps application. Route-Me is one of them (New BSD License, complete Objective-C native code).
The GPS Mission blog reports that their application (GPS Mission) uses Route-Me and made it to the App Store, as the first application using that OSM component. The map looks real nice and behaves just like Google Maps with all the well known zooming and panning available.
What other iPhone applications exist that feel as smooth as Google Maps but use the Open Street Map?"

+ - SPAM: Yahoo-chasing geek's site analyzes science fiction

Submitted by
destinyland writes "A year ago a Aaron Stanton harangued Google over his new project, a web site analyzing patterns in books to generate infallible recommendations. In March he finally finished a prototype which he showed to Google, Yahoo, and Amazon, and he's just announced that he's finally received a big contract which "gives us a great deal of potential data to work with." The 25-year-old's original prototype examined over 200 books, plotting 729,000 data points across 30,293 scenes — but its universe of analyzed novels is about to become much, much bigger."
Link to Original Source

+ - Earth's constant hum explained

Submitted by
MattSparkes writes "It has been known for some time that there is a constant hum that emanates from the Earth, which can be heard near 10 millihertz on a seismometer. The problem was that nobody knew what caused it. It has now been shown that it is caused by waves on the bottom of the sea, and more specifically "by the combination of two waves of the same frequency travelling in opposite directions""

+ - Has open-source lost its halo?

Submitted by
PetManimal writes "Open-source software development once had a reputation as a grassroots movement, but it is increasingly a mainstream IT profit center, and according to Computerworld, some in the industry are asking whether "open source" has become a cloak used by IT vendors large and small to disguise ruthless and self-serving behavior. Citing an online opinion piece by Gordon Haff, an analyst at Illuminata Inc., the article notes that HP and IBM have not only profited from open-source at the expense of competitors, but have also boosted their images in the open-source community. The Computerworld article also mentions the efforts by the Microsoft/Windows camp to promote open-source credentials:

[InfoWorld columnist Dave] Rosenberg is more disturbed by the bandwagon jumpers: the companies, mostly startups, belatedly going open-source in order to "ride a trend," while paying only lip service to the community and its values. Take Aras Corp., a provider of Windows-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software that in January decided to go open-source. Rosenberg depicted the firm in his blog as an opportunistic Johnny-Come-Lately. "I'm not impressed when a company whose software is totally built on Microsoft technologies goes open-source," said Rosenberg, who even suspects that the company is being promoted by Microsoft "as a shill" to burnish Redmond's image in open-source circles.

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