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Comment: Re:Meanwhile (Score 1) 295

by snspdaarf (#43943015) Attached to: 10GbE: What the Heck Took So Long?

Do you have a 10 kV, 100 A electrical service to your home?

If I did, would I be able to recharge my Leaf in a reasonable amount of time? Seriously, where I work, we move a lot of radar data. Everything now is gigabit. Do we need 10Gb? No, but if it were available at a reasonable price it would allow us to change the operating parameters of the radars and do new things with them. So, while we don't need it, we could use it, but the price needs to come down first, and the only way that will happen is if it becomes common.

Comment: Re:Mixed-handedness (Score 1) 260

by snspdaarf (#43253365) Attached to: On handedness: I am ...
Yes. I had surgery on my strong arm, and had it in a sling for several weeks, and the learning curve can be quick, but nasty. On the other hand, I can now shoot sporting clays, and pool, left handed, if I want to. The hard part of doing things left handed is that I am right eye dominant, so I have to think about things instead of just doing.

Comment: Re:ballistic missile defense is impossible (Score 1) 266

I call shenanigans. The experts concluded that intercepting ballistic missiles was impossible back in the 80's when Ronald "Ray Gun" proposed it.

Experts have concluded all kinds of things were impossible, until someone else found out how to make them possible. You aren't trying very hard.

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