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Submission + - Plug-in hybrid terminal truck-> 1 1

snspdaarf writes: Capacity, a company in Longview, Texas, has developed a plug-in hybrid terminal tractor, the small day-cab truck used to shuffle trailers around at a shipping facility. In addition to plug-in recharging, it has an on-board generator to keep the batteries charged. Capacity claims it reduces fuel use by 60 percent. They call it the PHETT, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Terminal Truck. A .pdf of specifications is available on their web site.
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Submission + - WiFi attacks people in England

snspdaarf writes: A story on reports that people in a town in southwest England want the local WiFi turned off, for a variety of reasons. We have a guy in the office that claims he can tell when the techs are working on wireless gear, maybe he comes from England.,2933,475206,00.html

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