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itwbennett writes: We all have some favorite workarounds that right a perceived wrong (like getting around the Wall Street Journal paywall) or make something work the way we think it ought to. From turning off annoying features in your Prius to getting around sanctions in Crimea and convincing your Android phone you're somewhere you're not, workarounds are a point of pride, showing off our ingenuity and resourcefulness. And sometimes artful workarounds can even keep businesses operating in times of crisis. Take, for example, the Sony employees, who, in the wake of the Great Hack of 2014 when the company's servers went down, dug out old company BlackBerrys that, while they had been abandoned, had never had their plans deactivated. Because BlackBerrys used RIM's email servers instead of Sony's, they could still communicate with one another, and employees with BlackBerrys became the company's lifeline as it slowly put itself back together.
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Comment Re:Zero is wrong... (Score 0) 1067 1067

Exactly. Another reason to not have some dumb default value come up. Mathematically it isn't even infinity conclusively all the time. It is really undefined. Generally speaking it becomes either positive or negative infinity when the division is one which makes sense to evaluate under a limit. Just endless reasons to not do something as asinine as defaulting x/0 = 0

Comment Zero is wrong... (Score 0) 1067 1067

First issue, x/0 mathematically is infinity, not zero. Plus, you want the same exact result across all applications ever? There are certainly times where zero is appropriate, there are also many times when one would want to have some representation of infinity; yet others where this simply indicates an error of some other sort and zero is a valid result.

Comment Almost all my twitter accounts are bots... (Score 0) 84 84

The only reason I ever signed up for twitter in the first place was that it was the easiest of the social networks to create a bot. I wanted to see how hard it would be to set up something like that... and twitter makes it super easy...
15 or 20 minutes and I set up @piDigits which is tweeting out 140 digits of Pi every hour...
So simple, I did this with a few lines of code sitting on a Google spreadsheet doc and set a trigger to run the script in the doc once every hour. Completely legit free services + 30 minutes = your very own twitter bot, not tied to any of your own physical hardware.
Makes me wonder if twitter really does like the bot idea... I think it helps the system as a whole, because people want some kinds of automated news, or whatever else can be automated... Plus, it's usually really really easy to spot the TRULY useless *FOLLOW ME FOLLOW MY FRIEND* bots.

Comment Re:A high schooler? (Score 3) 478 478

No need to be so pedantic. Regardless of the binary-ness of the situation, there is still always an analog component. For something to become binary there needs to be a threshold, a majority has it's threshold set to 50%. If one then passes the threshold, but barely, then one could say that there is "barely a majority". This concept can be extended to vast majority (i.e. ~75%) and what I meant with vast vast majority is that some percentage (well over 50%) of Americans fall into that category. Probably asymptotically approaching 100% given the way the World populace is headed...

Btw, not all programmers are computer science/information theory types. There are those of us who are real electrical engineers who realize that a transistor has infinite states and it is only a simplification that we see it as binary; greatly reducing the complexity of computer style circuit design.

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