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by snowsmann (#40019059) Attached to: Judge to Oracle: A High Schooler Could Write rangeCheck

No need to be so pedantic. Regardless of the binary-ness of the situation, there is still always an analog component. For something to become binary there needs to be a threshold, a majority has it's threshold set to 50%. If one then passes the threshold, but barely, then one could say that there is "barely a majority". This concept can be extended to vast majority (i.e. ~75%) and what I meant with vast vast majority is that some percentage (well over 50%) of Americans fall into that category. Probably asymptotically approaching 100% given the way the World populace is headed...

Btw, not all programmers are computer science/information theory types. There are those of us who are real electrical engineers who realize that a transistor has infinite states and it is only a simplification that we see it as binary; greatly reducing the complexity of computer style circuit design.

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by snowsmann (#39872971) Attached to: Finally, a Shark With a Laser Attached To Its Head

That is because "hi" is not a word (in this context)... It is certainly an exception to the rule "put a damn apostrophe on a word when you want to make it all possessive like". If it were not an exception then "his car", "snowsmanns car", and "its car" would all be correct. But "his" is another word entirely, "its" is a form of the word "it".

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