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Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 3, Funny) 459

I have never met anyone nicer than a Texan.

It's funny that you mention Texans in conjunction with blinkers, and I don't really believe your anecdote, because if someone appears to be using a turn signal in Texas either they bumped it by accident while reaching for their beer, or it was stuck on when they bought the car and it's still on.

Comment Re: Litigious Much (Score 1) 722

I dunno. He's not violent, but he and his family are now terrorizing the school district and/or the police department.

That's bullshit, and you're a bullshit person for saying it. Actions have consequences. The school district and the police department are rotten. The people of the region have permitted them to become that way, and now they are going to have to pay for it. Perhaps they will get a little more involved in their local government in the future when they have to pay the taxes that will cover their upcoming budget deficit, and fuck them anyway.

Comment Re:What purpose does registration serve? (Score 1) 184

No, I'm saying Congress' authority to make this law is limited to "navigable airspace", which is the concept which governs interstate air transportation. The "interstate" part is what gives the FAA its authority.

Congress' authority is to pass laws enabling commerce, securing the nation, etc. The FAA's authority is derived from congress. The "interstate" part just gives the FAA more authority. The authority which the federal government does not accumulate to itself falls to the states. However, aviation is an area over which the feds assert authority, and state laws can't supersede federal laws./p

Comment Re:Because the question is stupid! (Score 1) 184

The authority to enact and enforce laws is granted by the enumerated powers of the Constitution.Those are the only powers granted to the federal government by the people. The FAA doesn't have the power to create laws, only enforce them.

Sigh. You really are thick. The FAA is a branch of the federal government. The government has the right to make laws to make management of the country possible. An FAA ruling can thus have the force of law, if the federal government says so.

Ignorance is on full display here.

Yes, and your ignorance is being caused by wishful thinking.

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