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What do you know, Ron Paul makes sense

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  • on the extremist positions poll [].

    No, this is not the fault of too much regulation. There's some nuggets of truth to it, but the whole "We regulated too much" crap is, well, crap. We didn't regulate where it mattered. Banks created crappy mortgage plans, bought said crappy mortgages, and then covered it up. Nobody was forced to do any of this (being required to make loans to underserved communities, which seems to be the only thing he can hang his hat on as a place where the government made people do anyth

    • I prefer option 1. You made your bed, now lie in it. With the exception of my immediate family and maybe five people I've worked with over the years, no one has ever cut me any slack. If our financial system grinds to a halt because Lehman, Merrill, Bear, AIG and the others overextended themselves, that's life. We'll have to deal with it.

      As far as regulation, I, along with millions of others I'm sure, have said all along that these are the same people who whined and threw tantrums when Congress said bac

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