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Comment: Re: "cloud evangelist" ?? (Score 1) 40

by slydder (#45403909) Attached to: Red Hat Wants to be a Dominant Force in the Cloud (Video)

Really? You're actually asking this question? We are speaking of Richard âoethe DICKâoe Morrel here. The only thing bigger than his mouth is his ego. He is almost the entire reason we forked off and started IPCop back then. Nothing much to expect from him except temper tantrams, threats and hot air. Wishing RH a lot of luck with that one.

+ - Possibly the best TPB response EVER!!!->

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slydder writes: "I was just browsing through some of the old TPB (The Pirate Bay) legal correspondence when I ran across this one that I hadn't seen in a while. I don't recall if I ever saw this mentioned on /. but thought there might actually be a few people out there that didn't see this one and you just shouldn't miss anything this funny."

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+ - Tablet UIs on Laptops/Desktops: What's Slashdot's Readers' take?-> 1

Submitted by dcbrianw
dcbrianw writes: I want to know the Slashdot's community's take on the new trend of desktop and laptop operating system developers moving towards tablet based UI's. Ubuntu has moved to Unity. Windows 8 will have such a UI. Even Gnome 3 looks tablet based. You can revert to Gnome classic, but it's very minimal in comparison Gnome 2.

If I'm not using a tablet, I don't want my computer to operate as though I am. I'm just not sold on this, and I want my old UI back (without having to use earlier, less advanced OS'). What are others' takes on this? Am I missing some of the pros associated with a tablet UI on non-tablet devices?

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+ - America is so messed up even the Mexicans want nothing more to do with us.->

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slydder writes: "As if we needed more proof of how bad things have gotten and how the politicians have screwed up our Country. At least we have beaten the illegal immigrant issue. “For years, we dreamed of America, but now that dream is no good,” says 18-year-old Pedro Morales, sitting in the elegant Spanish colonial square of Comala under the shadow of the spectacular Volcan de Fuego. “There are no jobs and too many problems. We don’t want to go.”"
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Comment: My 8 yr. old son has his own opinion of the TSA (Score 1) 255

by slydder (#39817407) Attached to: Terminal Mixup Implicates TSA Agents In LAX Smuggling Plot

I live in Germany with my family and just recently read about the little 4 yr. old girl and her pat-down from the TSA. I turned around and started explaining the story to my wife when my son interrupted and asked what we were talking about and what is going on with this 4 yr. old girl.

So. What is one to do? How do you explain the depths of stupidity needed to start and fund the TSA to an 8 yr. old without him losing faith in adults? I tried. I really did. However, I only got as far as explaining that the TSA had searched the girl because she MAY have had a weapon the she got from hugging a family member while waiting to get on the plane.

Well, we all know how children are. "They say the darnedest things". This was a complete exception to the rule. He looked at me with this look on his face like he had just found out that people actually eat rancid shark meat and says "wie hirnlos". A literal translation being "How brainless". Took me really be surprise that he connected the dots that fast and came to the conclusion that the TSA needs to go.

An 8 year old boy that was born and raised and lives in Germany can look at the situation and see what needs to be done and a large portion of the adult population in the nation cannot. Sad state of affairs to say the least.

Comment: Re:Good luck (Score 5, Insightful) 324

by slydder (#39795255) Attached to: Phoronix Confirms GNU/Linux Steam and Source Engine Clients

light-handed DRM

You're joking, right? Steam is one of the most intrusive DRMs out there. You need to be online to install games.

which means you can install your game on ANY PC you are on and in case your PC should die, get shot, involved in a car wreck or what have you and all your originals are gone; you still have access to your game and do not need to buy another CD/DVD/BR because the Publisher doesn't want to give you a replacement.

You need to be online to play games. Allegedly there is an offline mode but that only works 50% of the time if you don't plan ahead and go offfline while you actually still have a working connection.

Offline mode works just fine. and some games you don't even have to activate it. Now, of course there are some games that don't work offline. But most of those are multiplayer games anyway and are useless without the connection.

Let's not forget the mandatory client that wastes resources, bombards you with ads and adds minutes to the start-up time of games unless you always keep it running; and who wouldn't want to have an app running that logs what software you have installed and what/when/how long you play.

Yeah. A whopping 13 MB of memory used. If you have memory crunch because of that then you have other issues to address and once you do you won't be missing those 13 MB. As far as the ads go. Well, I would personally like to not have them. But it helps support the platform because the games I buy I only pay for once. Running costs do need to be covered and this is about the least painful of the options available to them. The rest of the comment I won't even bother to address. Just not worth my time explaining debugging and such.

Aside from that there is no guarantuee that Steam will let or will be able to let you play your games in the future. If the publisher has a change of heart or Steam gets sold/goes tits-up, you'll potentially lose all games you have on that platform.

Other than the fact that Steam has one of the best business models in the industry and that they would be completly off thier collective rocker to cut and run. Nope, no guarantee. But then again all you get from the others is a CD. And I personally make backups of my CD/DVD and Steam games. So even if they do go to the be hunting ground in the sky I will still be able to play my games in offline mode and also have backups for the future.

Think I'll stick with Steam. Thanks a bunch.

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