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Comment SAP? (Score 1) 483

A colleague and I were talking about this the other day. Both he and I are of the opinion that SAP does nowhere near what it should. This was supposed to replace HR departments, accounting departments, internal databases etc etc.

Instead it seems to attract contractors/support staff, more than any other product I have ever seen, while not really making anything simpler.

Comment Re:Terrible gameplay? (Score 1) 352

As someone that doesn't play EVE this sounds incredible and makes me really want to play the game.

That players can have such an effect on a game, including as it relates to other people is completely shocking and intriguing to me. I have 0 interest in playing a game, especially an MMO, where things are regulated/scripted to prevent change.

Comment Re:Good omens (Score 1) 366

Agreed. The Eragron crap was horribly written.

The story was so light that it was obviously aimed at younger readers.

The vocabulary tried sooo hard to be grown up that it failed miserably.

You're left with a book that's in the neverland between youth and adult.

The HP series are not bad.

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