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Comment: Re:HP - Dell? (Score 1) 531 531

One way to combat this is to have the QC label on the outside with assembler's initials. "Let's see here, CHS, eww, no thank you. I only buy products of this brand that are assembled by TML, SRS, or MRB."

Thats all good, then they will just hire all the people with the same surname of Li, there are roughly 100 million of them in the world.

Comment: Easy win with any non English questions (Score 1) 220 220

From the article

"it doesn’t understand foreign languages yet"

"Ferrucci is keeping his cards close to the vest before the big match, refusing to reveal too much about his prize quiz-fighter, like which categories might be his weakest"

Cue the following categories for Double Jeopardy; Middle English, French, Latin, etc

Comment: Re:Can be nice (Score -1, Troll) 470 470

we have actual seasons

Never saw that as an advantage. Everyone I know from "season" country has winter horror stories. My sister lived in a Chicago suburb for a few years, and has pins in her leg as a souvenir.

What does the fact that your sister is dumb have to do with Midwest winters.

Comment: Re:Nice robot... (Score 1) 94 94

... thou it deserves a way better tetris algorithm. The current one fails a lot, specially for level 1.

That is what I thought as well watching the video, why put the straight in a line on top of another. Also, it seems pretty slow to move things around, is this why he is showing it on level 1? Does it not move fast enough for later levels?

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