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Comment: Unnecessary (Score 1) 511

by slashmydots (#47766165) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio
Science has a long history of being perpetually wrong. They said all matter was made of earth, wind, fire, and water or something like that because that's what they observed and logic pointed to it and it was somewhat provable. The same goes for the Earth being flat. The same goes for space being made of aether. The same goes for the sun going around the Earth. The same goes for turning lead into gold. The same goes for asbestos being safe. You name it, science was wrong about it but for all given cases, it was widely accepted as correct at the time.

So as long as they preface the scientific curriculum with that, I think they're fine. Then 10 year from now when they disprove the existence of dark matter, they won't feel so bad. Science is just one long history of turning incorrect theories into facts for no reason and then disproving them.

Comment: wrong (Score 1) 128

by slashmydots (#47756051) Attached to: Why Do Humans Grow Up So Slowly? Blame the Brain
This article is incorrect, as everyone else said. Eating more sugar doesn't make you grow faster so it's wrong. If children grew any faster, their bones and joints wouldn't take the stress. My evidence is kids who grow too fast and have bone and joint problems (duh). Also, if they grew any faster, they were be even less coordinated due to limb length alterations and prone to accidental injury or death.

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by slashmydots (#47734201) Attached to: NSA Agents Leak Tor Bugs To Developers
"He suggests a massive company like Google or Facebook will eventually have to take up the task of making Tor scale up to millions of users."
What the hell? Then he doesn't know how Tor works. If a large entity controls a ton of the entry and exit nodes, they can traffic match and identify users. The LAST thing we need is a giant entity ruining it by adding millions of servers.

Comment: pointless scam (Score 1) 172

by slashmydots (#47734159) Attached to: Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation
They're doing this so they can rig it. Human brains are amazing at adaptating, object indentification, and fast logical reasoning. Computers are horrible at that. Some humans are pretty awful drivers. So the computer would have to be better than a below average intelligence human. They're not even close. In a simulation, you just program the logic to react to only the logic that you programmed into the simulation. In other words, cheat.

Comment: missing the point completely (Score 1) 233

Oh, they just found out it's more expensive? Good for them, except they should have figured out that waiting 4 weeks for your product to be replaced if you sell it all when it would be 3 days in the US loses you tons of money regardless of worker wages. You just cannot have your business rely on another business thousands of miles away. Don't even get me started on the level of fraud and quality issues. Chinese manufacturing costs A TON once you look past the surface. Everything should still be made in the US!

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I'm one of the most naturally talented programmers I've ever met. My code is extremely good. I won many competitions. I scored near perfectly on knowledge and practical exams with an IT staffing company and beat almost all their other employes. AND YET nobody will hire someone with two 2 year degrees. That would have been nice to know. I got a job as CIO of a medium sized company at 24 years old so it worked out but I would have had more options ignoring programming and just getting more server management, networking, and support training.

The number of computer scientists in a room is inversely proportional to the number of bugs in their code.