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Comment morons (Score 0) 73

Just how stupid are British officials that they can't see the obvious route is to sue and fine the company directly for false advertising? Really? It's easier to have individuals sue them one at a time, likely for the purchase price of a video game? That's a glorified return policy, not a solution and not enough of a punishment. They have Peter Molyneux over in England. They should be very familiar with the problem solely because of him. Do something real about it!

Comment Here's my response (Score 1) 111

On 3 different computers, 85% of the time on a non-computer related video there was an ad for a Windows 10 driver update tool aka complete and utter malware. Google allows and completely supports this. If you type "HP support" or "Sony support" or "Samsung support" or "dell support" into Google, you get paid ads for scam services in India who are pretending to be the company and then ripping people off. So fuck internet advertising. It's useless, abused garbage and nobody is ever going to do anything to clear it up. I'm going to keep blocking ads until the end of time. You ruined it for your industry.

Comment Re:uh no (Score 1) 1291

My new retail and computer repair shop that I started is doubling its gross every year and now I'm killing off most expansion expenses and moved to a cheaper spot and quit my other job as head IT manager at another company. So in 2 years I will likely be making $50,000+. For my area (remember to adjust for not living in some overpriced hellhole like New York) that's really good. You can get a 2000 sq ft house here for about $150,000.

Comment the wrong committee (Score 0) 256

The independent committee huh? That's usually code for international. I'd stick with the we're from America so free speech rules so piss off, Europe, committee. Who the hell says adblock's creators have to follow the laws in countries they don't reside in? If some country wants to block adblock country-wide, let them. I will be absolutely shocked if this alleged board is 100% American.

Comment and I'm just sitting here waiting for... (Score 1) 201

And I'm just sitting here waiting for Europe to tear them a new ass for hard wiring Bing into the OS. Get ready for another billion dollar fine. As far as I know, you cannot use Google with Cortana even though it would be idiotically easy to pass it search strings.

Comment what the hell?! (Score 1) 59

"In other Bitcoin news, reader McGruber notes that the CFO of BitPay, a Bitcoin payment service, was successfully phished, costing the company $1.8 million worth of Bitcoins."
If there's one thing I learned from the job I just quit, if the president/CEO is an nontechnical moron with a low intelligence level who can't make proper decisions or perceive threats correctly, you should leave immediately. Ready for the scary part? Amazon and Newegg use bitpay to power their bitcoin payment backend.

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