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Comment do they know basic physics? (Score 1) 75

Here's why this is the stupidest plan ever. To land on a giant space rock going 100 miles per second or whatever, you have to come up along side it at 100 miles per second then land on it. That means the spacecraft had the ability to reach 100 miles per second anyway and didn't need the giant rock. There is also no wind resistance or drag in space. So if you can get the spacecraft to that speed anyway, why do you need the rock?

Comment Oops (Score 1) 68

I bet they're very happy with their decision to make Apple products impossible to disassemble and make all the parts practically impossible to replace. It reminds me of Sony and Samsung laptops. They're like "let's build it really obscure like no other laptops on the world! OH CRAP we have to service some of these under warranty!"

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