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Comment: Re:artificial sweeteners spike insulin (Score 0) 247

by slashmydots (#49561221) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame
What a complete and utter shit post. It's psychosomatic or the caffeine making you feel "different." Or a giant list of other things. Insulin is NOT released by substances that are not sugar. Your digestive system is smarter than that. Also, it only is harmful to your brain if it's mixed with a lot of MSG.

Comment: Re:How did he even get that job? (Score 0, Flamebait) 159

There's no chance of dying from a video game and I start on normal because I play to have fun, not to prove anything to anyone. If I play on hard, it's just to see if I can do it and because I got better at the game. But I'm glad you think he "earned" the right (aka he's a stuck up rich asshole who can afford the travel costs and expensive gear) to climb Everest. I think he earned the right to have an avalanche fall on his head.
There are poor people living in awful neighborhoods who wish they could afford a security system or a gun or to move and they're in danger every day. Then there's this rich asshole who's just so bored with his career and life, he has to travel around the world and climb a mountain. He got what he deserved and frankly every poor person he offended agrees with me.

Comment: How did he even get that job? (Score 4, Insightful) 159

Climbing Everest is stupid, irresponsible, dangerous, pointless task for people with severe mental problems like constantly needing approval from others or pathological levels of arrogance or constantly feeling inadequate. So I have to wonder how he even got that job at Google with the personality of an Everest climber.

Comment: here's a dumb question (Score 1) 156

by slashmydots (#49549303) Attached to: Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox
Why can't we just assume that since there are 9 dimensions, the connection between quantum entangled particles travels through a higher dimension. Doesn't that solve everything more tidily? In fact, I don't remember if NASA's experiment with entanglement on the space station disproved faster than light communication (I think the rocket with the experiment onboard blew up) but it would even explain that if it were true. It travels faster than light because it doesn't, it shortcuts through a higher dimension and rejoins normal space.

Comment: nothing to steal here (Score -1, Flamebait) 132

by slashmydots (#49531597) Attached to: New Javascript Attack Lets Websites Spy On the CPU's Cache
The processor's cache? Nothing typically enters that except high level math that needs to be done rapidly. You'd basically never see a string in there because string manipulation doesn't benefit from processing in hyper-fast flash cache. So if you stole the cache data, you'd be looking at a bunch of useless numbers and gibberish.

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