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Comment: Ah well (Score 1, Troll) 545

by skipkent (#47922687) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

Over all I'm enjoying windows 8/8.1... The start screen isn't my cup of tea, but then again I use it the same way i use the start bar in Win7, hit the windows key and type a few letters then enter to select the app I want. Only difference is I can see the weather and maybe a news headline at the same time. One thing I love about it though is the new theme, it's like Win 3.1 done right, its simple, elegant and out of your way. So with pretty much instant start up time, great battery life, clean lines, and built in hyper-v Windows 8 is my choice, so I'm sure I'll enjoy 9 as well.

Comment: Re:No, no, no (Score 0) 108

by skipkent (#47799635) Attached to: The Passenger Pigeon: A Century of Extinction

You got it all wrong. They are lizards! There is proof:
12 million Americans cannot all be wrong.

Sad that only 12 million are right! Here is a 6 hour interview with Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Shaman. - Credo Mutwa interviewed by David Icke - The Reptilian Agenda

+ - Apple's newest executive advocating rape and murder of women->

Submitted by skipkent
skipkent (1510) writes "The music industry’s heart and soul is found here in Music City. When Apple decided to acquire a new executive, focusing on music, chatter began to filter through the industry.

Apple’s newest executive has been recorded multiple times advocating the murder of white people, domestic abuse, rape and objectification of women, illegal drug use, violence towards the gay community, and unwarranted, illegal gun violence.

In 1992, he was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Additionally, in the previous year, Apple’s newest executive was arrested for beating a defenseless woman to within an inch of her life."

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Comment: Re:AT&T land line (Score 1) 286

by skipkent (#47023087) Attached to: Cable TV Prices Rising At Four Times the Inflation Rate

I use T-Mobile 4G, and we use it as our ISP at home, we added a line and just use a phone as a wifi hotspot. I get roughly 25mbps of unlimited unthrottled usage. All https and streaming services work even after the "hotspot" quota is reached. Also for general http browsing once the tether max has been reached, use linux FF or have FF identify itself as the linux version, and tmo will think that youre browsing from your phone! Just about the only thing its bad for is gaming with the higher latency.

+ - E.T. Found In New Mexico Landfill-> 1

Submitted by skipkent
skipkent (1510) writes "One of the most infamous urban legends in video games has turned out to be true.P

Digging in Alamogordo, New Mexico today, excavators discovered cartridges for the critically-panned Atari game E.T., buried in a landfill way back in 1983 after Atari couldn't figure out what else to do with their unsold copies. For decades, legend had it that Atari put millions of E.T. cartridges in the ground, though some skeptics have wondered whether such an extraordinary event actually happened."

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Comment: bah (Score 3, Interesting) 683

by skipkent (#46072443) Attached to: VC Likens Google Bus Backlash To Nazi Rampage

at a time when income disparity is at an all-time high in about the last 100 years. tom perkins is worried about some future backlash against the rich, while the political system has already sold out most of the public if anything does happen, when push comes to shove, he'll be able to take his money with him to singapore or hong kong like the russian oligarchs took theirs to london.

lol, he's written books
how self-absorbed do you have to be to write this?

+ - Baidu division now accepting bitcoins->

Submitted by skipkent
skipkent (1510) writes "Chinese search engine Baidu, the world's fifth most visited site according to one set of rankings, has announced it has started to accept the online currency, bitcoin, for its security service.

Jiasule, a Baidu division aimed at improving the security and performance of websites, started supported bitcoin payments on Monday to meet the needs of its users, the company said in a statement Tuesday."

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