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Comment: Citation needed. Again. (Score 1) 547

by skia (#33668020) Attached to: Xbox Head Proclaims Blu-ray Dead

From the BDA site:

"Companies participating in the Board of Directors are active participants of the format creation and key BDA activities ... The board sets an overall strategy and approves key issues."

From the Apple press release announcing their participation:

"The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is responsible for establishing format standards and promoting and further developing business opportunities for Blu-ray Disc"

It would seem Apple's participation in the BDA is limited to formats and advocacy. Not licensing terms.

Comment: Citation needed. (Score 1) 547

by skia (#33665640) Attached to: Xbox Head Proclaims Blu-ray Dead

"Apple famously refuses to put a Blu-ray drive in its Macs, as Jobs prefers to send people towards iTunes to download their entertainment"

The only explanation we've heard from Apple on the lack of Blu-ray is Jobs saying licensing it from Sony is a "bag of hurt" ( Yet another Sony technology killed by licensing.


+ - Apollo is now AIR->

Submitted by
skia writes "Adobe has change the name (and released a new beta) of the integrated runtime formally known as 'Apollo'. Now called AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), the new beta 'allows developers to incorporate PDF by leveraging Adobe Reader® 8.1 functionality [and adds] new capabilities such as support for transparent HTML windows, drag and drop support, and complete access to Adobe AIR and Flash APIs.' Also included in the new AIR beta is support for SQLite.

Irrespective of the 'Apollo' brand awareness that is being squandered by this name change, does anyone else think it's a bad idea to christen a runtime with a homonym for 'err'?"

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