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Comment: Re:Americans setting off fireworks... snicker (Score 1) 40 40

That was not a normal M1000. It was clearly (badly) hand made or modified. I know this because I used to make fireworks as a hobby until the ATF started hiking it's skirt up and doing the mousey dance every time someone sneezed.

This is an actual M-1000.The message is clear, don't set off fireworks on the patio furniture.

Some of the ones I made might BARELY qualify as a small bomb but those involved 4 oz. of black powder and a well reinforced tube.

You should note that commercial fireworks are mortar shells, not skyrockets.

Now, how many times has your house burned down in all of that? How many skyrockets in your windows?

I can understand you not wanting it daily for months, but surely on the actual holidays it might be nice to not get all bunched up over it.

Comment: Re:Why can't this be the law everywhere? (Score 1) 221 221

Even in "at will" states, there are so many other employment protection laws that firing people for no cause is extremely legally risky

Excuses are dirt cheap. As long as the firing can be plausibly claimed not to be motivated by racial or gender discrimination, it's not much problem. Examples seen in the wild include "not meshing with the workplace culture", "poor attitude", "not a good fit for the job", "cutbacks", etc.

And that's not even including the tactic of creating so many workplace rules that pretty much every employee will routinely violate one or more of them (and at the manager's discretion, be forgiven).

Comment: Re:Why can't this be the law everywhere? (Score 1) 221 221

Bald assertions aren't very convincing, sorry. I might as well reply that the moon is made of cheese. There is a cost in the sense that a replacement will need time to get up to speed, but any other costs are self-inflicted damage.

Comment: Re:Americans setting off fireworks... snicker (Score 1) 40 40

OMG you must tremble for hours every time a car backfires! A skyrocket through a window? I have NEVER heard of such a thing happening. Unless you mean an open and unscreened window.

Many people in my neighborhood shoot fireworks every year on the 4th and there has never been a fire.

Your description of a firecracker as a "small bomb" tells me you are permanently set to "overreact".

Comment: Re:Hold them liable (Score 4, Insightful) 88 88

Strenuously disagree. This is more than a billing error here, it is an implicit threat of expensive legal action wrapped in a takedown that at the least interferes with someone's free expression. They need to take it seriously or go away.

Civilization has long understood the dangers of crying wolf and even has a number of fables about it in order to teach young children not to do it.

They are welcome to use their algorithm as a screening test, but they shouldn't be claiming ownership of things without human verification. Since their algorithm must have some 'idea' what it thinks the work is, it should only take a few seconds per filing to have a human verify that what is playing is what the algorithm thinks it is.

Perhaps the ban on the easy method of making a claim should expire after a time, but the message is fairly clear: If they prove they are unable to responsibly use a largely automated system, they will be forced to do it manually in order to force them to consider each case more carefully. It may even be acceptable to grant them 3 strikes rather than 1, but only if they issue a personal (hand written) apology from their CEO to the person they wrongly claimed against.

+ - FBI wants Pirate Bay logs for criminal investigation into copyright trolls.->

the simurgh writes: It has been revealed today that In the past few months, two of the Pirate Bay co-founders have been repeatedly questioned by Swedish authorities, acting on behalf of the FBI. the internet now has clear evidence that Prenda is indeed being investigated by the US Government for uploading their own copyrighted content in torrents placed onto The Pirate Bay, for the sole purpose of creating a honeypot trap to sue over pirated downloads. the full story is included in the link below
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+ - Noted Star Trek Actor Embroiled In Controversy Doubles Down On Racist Remarks->

cold fjord writes: The Washington Times reports, "Gay activist and former “Star Trek” supporting actor George Takei doubled down on his “clown in blackface” attack on Supreme Court Clarence Thomas on Thursday night and implied that the jurist was a race traitor for not striking down state marriage laws last week. In a Facebook post, Mr. Takei said that blackface is not racist and/or that it is acceptable for an outsider to tell a black man that he is a racist caricature. He also used an analogy that would imply that Justice Thomas is actually white. “‘Blackface’ is a lesser known theatrical term for a white actor who blackens his face to play a black buffoon,” Mr. Takei wrote on his Facebook page Thursday evening. “In traditional theater lingo, and in my view and intent, that is not racist. It is instead part of a racist history in this country.” In addition to being used by white actors, blackface was also sometimes used by black actors on stage and film to look darker than they were and/or to play even-more-racist-than-usual caricatures. Mr. Takei also continued his criticism of Justice Thomas’s dissent in Obergefell vs. Hodges, and added another racial angle to it. In his Thursday night Facebook post, Mr. Takei said this opinion also proved Justice Thomas was no longer really black."
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+ - Call Centre raided after DoS to UK phone network operators

product_bucket writes: The UK's Information Commissioner has (with help from Ofcom) raided [] offices of a currently anonymous Manchester call centre after network operators complained of disruptions to their networks. Whilst making unsolicited marketing calls of any type has been illegal for some time, The action was only justified after approximately 7,000 reports of complaints were traced back to the call centre operator.

Nuisance calls in the the UK are once again on the rise [] after government agencies have been at odds over who is responsible for what type of call is being made. With no less than three different organisations tasked with dealing with five [] different forms of telemarketing, unscrupulous companies are making the most of this risky business opportunity.

+ - Paradoxical Crystal Baffles Physicists->

An anonymous reader writes: In a deceptively drab black crystal, physicists have stumbled upon a baffling behavior, one that appears to blur the line between the properties of metals, in which electrons flow freely, and those of insulators, in which electrons are effectively stuck in place. The crystal exhibits hallmarks of both simultaneously.

“This is a big shock,” said Suchitra Sebastian, a condensed matter physicist at the University of Cambridge whose findings appeared today in an advance online edition of the journal Science. Insulators and metals are essentially opposites, she said. “But somehow, it’s a material that’s both. It’s contrary to everything that we know.”

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